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(2 customer reviews)



  • A personalised fabric map.
  • Dispatched in 10 working days except during August shut-down




Why not personalise further and choose a format uniquely tailored to your house, adventure, or loved-one? Starting with your title, top left, we take your Make-a-map area and cut (Toobs) or zoom (all other upgrades) to fill all these stunning custom map products. NOTE: All rectangular products lose a proportion of the right-hand side.

20% discount when you buy 3 or more of the same map



Ordnance Survey personalised SplashMaps

Everyone who loves the outdoors needs a weatherproof SplashMap of their place– 73cm x 73cm Pro fabric.6969ordnance-survey-personalised-splashmaps

A SplashMaps personalised Toob

Cyclists, runners, paddlers and walkers love a personalised Toob – 50cm x 48cm versatile tubular sports headwear.4850personalised-toob
Satin Scarf

SplashMaps' personalised Ordnance Survey Map Scarf

The map statement! – 90 x 90cm elegant zoomed-up satin map.6969personalised-satin-map-scarf

Super sized SplashMap as a Lake District Tablecloth

Gather everyone round a square tablecloth - 1.3m x 1.3m6969splashmap-tablecloth
Long Tablecloth

The SplashMaps personalised map Tablecloths are popular for early Christmas shoppers

Banquet, plan and relive those moments on our long tablecloth - 1.3m x 1.8m51.469tablecloth-chrsitmas-gift
Microfibre Towel

SplashMaps' personalised towels are unique and quick drying

Wild swimmers, campers and backpackers dig our towels – 90cm x 150cm microfibre.4969peronslised-splashmap-towel
Shower Curtain

SplashMaps' personalised shower curtains deserve to hang in every outdoors lover's bathroom

People who live in amazing places plan while they soak in the shower - 2m x 1.75m shower curtain polyester.6969splashmaps-personalised-shower-curtains
Interior Project

SplashMaps' personalised interior projects becomes curtains, linings, cusions, covers etc.

Bigger map dreams? That's why we have our interior project - up to 1.4m x 2.8m140280splashmaps-interior-projects
Face masks x20

SplashMaps personalised map masks are double layered and hold a beautiful map image at your desired scale.

Mask-up your tribe! A batch of 50 double layered masks - 18cm x 12cm map1812splashmaps-personalised-map-mask
Toob masks x5ordnance-survey-toob-maskFor your trail running, riding, paddling or eventing customers & community – MINIMUM 10 units – 50 x 36cm toggle and drawstring adjustable trail mask with double layer for physical distancing.5036ordnance-survey-toob-mask

How to make the perfect personalised map – 1 min video


Scales and coverage

  • In Great Britain – Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 mapping, covering 17.2km x 17.2km.
  • In Great Britain – Ordnance Survey 1: 50 000 mapping, covering 34.5km x 34.5km
  • Rest of the World – SplashMaps 1:40,000 mapping, covering 27km x 27km

Examples on fabric

Tight contours,town detail, river details, overall map, comparison with OS Explorer on paper. Our new spec includes Hill Shading, contours and further features.


WE NORMALLY AIM TO DISPATCH MAKE-A-MAP PRODUCTS between 7 and 12 working days. Masks & Toob Masks can take a little longer as we accumulate orders over 2-3 weeks. Check on our home page for our most up-to-date expectations. But let us know the date you need it by. We love a challenge! NOTE: Last personalised orders for Christmas delivery must be placed by midday 15th December GMT. Details here.


Left it late? Not a problem. You can also buy a GIFT VOUCHER so your friends can get a map online.

Photos of finished products

Everyone likes a personalised gift!

Everyone loves a personalised gift! – Ordnance Survey 1:25k popular walking map as a SplashMap


Close detail of the map

Close detail of the International 1:40k style SplashMap

Example of 1:40 000 international REAL outdoor spec.

Example of 1:40k international REAL outdoor spec.

A Make-a-Map SplashMap for Charlie the Bikemonger

A Make-a-Map 1:25 000 scale SplashMap for Charlie the Bikemonger

Penning a route on a personalised SplashMap of France

Penning a route on a personalised SplashMap of France


SplashMaps Shower curtain upgrade














SplashMaps personalised fabric maps can be upgraded to shower curtains, tablecloths, quick-dry towels and Toobs

Additional information

Weight 0.080 kg
Dimensions 73 × 73 cm

73cm x 73cm


Waterproof polyester

Delivery Time

Printed and dispatched within 10 working days.



2 reviews for Make-a-Map

  1. David (verified owner)


  2. Annie (verified owner)

    I now have two Great Weatherproof Maps – bye bye soggy paper !
    Thank you David and Team for printing me the most upto date Manhood Peninsula map that includes the new Medmerry realignment. No excuse not to go Walking and cycling even when is rains 🤠

  3. Brendan (verified owner)

    Make-a-map function is easy to use, and works! I have just received TWO maps I made as presents for family members and they are very nice indeed! Print quality is pretty good, detail is smashing, and the option to print a message on it means if it gets lost, it can be reunited with owner (for kids, it could have parental mobile number on it!

    One map is centred on the recipient’s house, the other I did the same but then moved the map about to include more of where the recipient goes.

    I have to say that I wonder whether the necktube might have been a better idea (though not so useful as a map). I also might have baulked at paying full price, but the discount offer won me over, and they really are nice!

    Perfect for the person who has everything…get them one, before they get themselves it!

  4. Richard (verified owner)

    I love maps and have carried around a personalised paper OS map of my local area for ages. I was delighted to come across SplashMaps and think my new Toob is great. Never mind wearing it, I’m enjoying just reading the map! It’s perfect, thanks

  5. Clive

    If you’re fed up losing areas on worn map folds and flapping paper in wind and rain, this is definitely the one for you. I have the North West Lake District Cumbria 1:40,000. Certain fell names, including, Skiddaw, Dale Head and Robinson are omitted for some reason. This is fine if you’ve plotted your route and know where you are.

  6. sarahf82 (verified owner)

    I’m so pleased with it, it’s really clear to read and packs up incredibly small when you’re not using it as a scarf. Nice feeling fabric too.

    Also a huge thanks to David who really went above and beyond with my order. Fantastic customer service!

    • David Overton (verified owner)

      Hi Sarah
      I’m so pleased we could sort that out for you. Sounds like you’re loving your personalised SplashMap. Thanks for finding us and getting your first SplashMap AND for recommending us to others! Best wishes and happy new year.

  7. AntonyC

    Splashmaps are a must! I have several, the areas where I live & go a lot. They have a lot of uses but I like to have them in my Evacuation Bag, I Train people who go into areas “which are not so peaceful” to do Humanitarian Work and I recomend them for Emergencies & as an Escape/Evacuation map,I have several military Escape maps from different countries and there is no comparing to the quality of Splashmaps, they are astounding If you get in touch with Splashmaps they are always helpful and your information and requirements in confidence, (Data Protection is so important these days)

    • David Overton (verified owner)

      Thanks Anthony! It’s always great to see these personalised SplashMaps are working well for you, wherever you are in the world. Keep up the excellent work with your humanitarian clients!

  8. Explore Ventry

    Excellent Kit. Very practical.

    • David Overton (verified owner)

      So glad you find it useful, and thanks for the great feedback! Where are you using yours and what for?

  9. Keith (verified owner)

    The quick drying personalised towel is great, ideal for taking on holiday, as it takes up so little space, despite how large the towel is. Will come in handy after a dip in the Colne Estuary!

  10. Andrew Williams (verified owner)

    Many years ago I had an old leather flying jacket with a map sown in as a lining, agood idea I thought at the time. Then when I saw Splash Maps I thought what a fantastic idea and addition to my kit. Versatile, light, quick drying with vivid and distinct marking I now have several for my favourite walking areas. Whether used as a neck wrap/ scarf in inclement weather or as a sunshade supported by waking poles to have a spell on hot sunny days, or to navigate as a supplement to your paper map, SplashMaps is a cracking bit of kit.

  11. Jo Hadfield (verified owner)

    Went for a special size table-cloth : supposed to be a Christmas present – but we couldn’t wait that long!
    Looks great – thanks.

    • David Overton (verified owner)

      Great choice Jo! That’s a terrific talking point for everyone around the table this year! Have a great one.

  12. Ian Hutchings (verified owner)

    Make a map is extremely easy to use. The maps are fantastic quality and I love the Toobs which make great gift ideas.

    • David Overton (verified owner)

      Hi Ian
      Thanks so much for sharing this! We’re so pleased these maps are working for you for your own use and as gifts. Stay well!

  13. Glenn Miller (verified owner)

    Recently bought a cycling snood and was delighted in the quality of the product.

    Lovely feel and stretch in the material.

    Nice to have a local map of Linlithgow my local town.

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