Recycled Products

Our Recycled Products reduce environmental impact without compromise


SplashMaps’ SplashText Os 25k range of Lake District Maps cover Patterdale, Ennerdale and Windermere

SplashTex recycled fabric maps help families and adventurers who care for the planet and value their scarce exploration time. They’re for those that want to reduce their environmental impact without compromising on accuracy and detail.

Avoiding disposable paper and plasticised maps

By avoiding poorly detailed apps or disposable paper and plasticised maps our ethical maps mean you enjoy the most versatile premium walking scale maps 100% recycled from locally sourced bottles. Bottles that would ordinarily end up in the sea or landfill or shipped to the Far East for recycling.

Developed specifically for ethical brand, LUSH


SplashTex is the only GRS certified fine print fabric made 100% from post consumer bottles in Europe

This unique fabric was developed to the Global Recycling Standard (GRS) specifically for ethical cosmetic brand, LUSH and the exclusive SplashMaps designs you can find in their shops.

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