Reusable Masks

Give a clear message

Our reusable double layered products with unique and aesthetically pleasing designs, give a clear message against the unsustainable and expensive refreshing of plain disposables, 85% of which end up in oceans and landfill to degrade and suffocate wildlife over 500 years.

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  • Map Maker

  • cotton-facemask-white

    Cotton face mask

  • london-underground-mask-splashmaps

    London Underground Map Mask (Polyester-Cotton)

  • london-map-mask

    Polyester-Cotton London Map face mask

  • union-jack-mask

    Polyester-Cotton Union Jack face mask

  • lake-district-central-toob-mask

    Lake District Map Central Toggle Toob

  • wales-flag-mask

    Polyester-Cotton Wales Flag face mask

  • new-forest-toob-mask

    New Forest Toggle Toob

  • england-flag-mask-splashmaps

    Polyester-Cotton England Flag Face Mask

  • skull_mask_splashmap

    Polyester-Cotton Skull Mask

  • vibrant-city-splashmaps-cambridge-face-mask

    Polyester-Cotton Cambridge face mask

  • tartan-chequer-mask-brown-red

    Polyester-Cotton Tartan Chequer Brown and Red

  • new-york-splashmaps-toob-mask

    New York Map Toggle Toob from SplashMaps