Face Masks

Double layered Polyester and Cotton face masks dramatically reduce transmission of viruses and inhalation of pollutants.

For tourists, gift buyers and map lovers

Our personalised and city map face masks help tourists, gift buyers and map lovers who want to show a love for maps in a form that reflects their social conscience. In choosing reusable products with unique and aesthetically pleasing designs, they give a clear message against the unsustainable refreshing of plain disposables, 85% of which end up in oceans and landfill to degrade and suffocate wildlife over 500 years.

Socially responsible choice

All our face masks are washable and reusable and are the environmentally and socially responsible choice for face covering during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Double layered polyester cotton masks brighten your commute, shopping trip and work. The Toob Mask’s unique design protects when trail running, cycling, walking and all other outdoor fun.

Beautifully manufactured within the EU

All products are beautifully manufactured within the EU and exploit the award-winning design and detail you’d associate with the worlds best fabric map maker.

For custom designs and bulk supply for your club, business or client, click our Trade tab at the top of the page to find our latest prices.

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  • Map Maker

  • cotton-facemask-white

    Cotton face mask

  • london-underground-mask-splashmaps

    London Underground Map Mask (Polyester-Cotton)

  • london-map-mask

    Polyester-Cotton London Map face mask

  • union-jack-mask

    Polyester-Cotton Union Jack face mask

  • lake-district-central-toob-mask

    Lake District Map Central Toggle Toob

  • ukraine-map-toob

    Ukraine Map Toob of Kyiv

  • wales-flag-mask

    Polyester-Cotton Wales Flag face mask

  • Toob-mask-dartmoor-title

    Map of Dartmoor – SplashMaps Toggle Toob

  • new-forest-toob-mask

    New Forest Toggle Toob

  • scotland-flag-mask

    Polyester-Cotton Scotland Flag Face Mask

  • england-flag-mask-splashmaps

    Polyester-Cotton England Flag Face Mask

  • sca-fell-splashmaps-toob-mask

    Sca Fell OS Map Toggle Toob

  • ben-nevis-map-toggle-toob-splashmaps

    Ben Nevis OS Map Toggle Toob

  • london-underground-toob-mask

    London Underground Map Toggle Toob

  • skull_mask_splashmap

    Polyester-Cotton Skull Mask