Make-a-Map Voucher


A Make-a-Map voucher is a great idea to give someone their own chance to design the perfect map for them.

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Why get a voucher?

A romantic memory captured!

A romantic memory captured!

A SplashMaps Make-a-Map voucher is a great gift idea when you want to give someone a highly personalised Map, and you want them to choose;

  • their own title
  • the specific positioning of the map – anywhere in the world!

A Make-a-Map vouchers shows you want to get them a beautifully tailored present for the real outdoors, but you’d like them to add the finishing touches.

How does it work?

1) Select Make-a-Map Voucher and add to your cart

2) Enter your details at Check-out and pay – REMEMBER to select and pay the method of delivery for the final map (e.g. select overseas delivery if outside UK)

3) Usually the same day you will receive a voucher containing a code and clear instructions as a pdf.  Simply print it off or forward it to your friend!

4) The lucky recipient can use this code when they go to Make-a-Map.  They can design their own map and enter the code as a coupon at check-out.

It’s ideal if;

  • You know they’re outdoor types, but you’re not sure of exactly where they’ll be adventuring
  • You want to give them something personal, but can’t think of a suitable map title
  • You’ve got a short deadline, but you know the personalised map will be a hit!