Cornwall map attractions

pping the Cornwall map attractions this year, SplashMaps is announced as the Official Mapping Partner at the Armchair Adventure Festival 2022!

Mark up and Wash your maps like a pro

This ‘how to’ film will have you mark up and wash your maps like a pro, whether they’re on paper or fabric. Here’s how you restore your guides so they’re perfect for your next…

Ukraine Help

SplashMaps offer Ukraine Help with all profits from the Ukraine Kyiv Map Toob ALL going to Charity. They need your help to get this news out there!

Wild Mountain Trekking

Wild Mountain Trekking Considered Wild Mountain trekking in Ireland, Scotland and Everest Basecamp for your next adventure? Wild Mountain NI’s plucky mountain leaders, Petra and Cathy, spare 5 minutes for SplashMaps’ David. They describe…

Adventure More often

We all need to Adventure More often. Be it for self-improvement, exercise or wellbeing, there’s no doubt … the benefits are huge. But what gets in your way? Just why don’t we ALL adventure…

Walking the South Downs

Would you go walking the South Downs Way at -5 Celcius? Chilled veteran and SplashMaps lover Nick Goldsmith did just that AND wild camped along the route. Meet the Adventurers In the first of…


Belong to a group and you’ll feel awesome. SplashMaps is supporting groups in 2022 to help in the quest to get more people outside more often.