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Wearable Personalised Fabric OS Maps for the Outdoors

Unique, versatile OS custom maps of anywhere in the world! Vouchers are available instantly, stock items within 3 working days, personalised & backorders within 12 working days.

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What are people saying?

Col. John Blashford-Snell, The Scientific Exploration Society
John Blashford-Snell uses SplashMaps on Global Expeditions

"The Splash Maps you kindly provided for the Kenya Expedition were the only good maps we had and were invaluable.
Thank you so much."

Sunday Times Travel Magazine
Map Mastery - Chart Hit

"Paper Maps could be a thing of the past now we've found these fabric alternatives. No more fighting with folds or rain-soaked paper, just scrunch it up and put it in your pocket. (You can personalise yours to feature anywhere on the globe.) We'd much rather live in a material world!"

Paul Rose
TV adventurer Paul Rose loves his SplashMap of Windermere

"This SplashMap is excellent! I'll use mine for mountainbiking through the forests near Windermere,"

Dr Claire Grogan
Antarctic adventurer loves her SplashMap of Weddel Sea and Port Lockroy

"...it’ll be the envy of the crew in the Weddell Sea too!"

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For businesses with a new idea finding your way can be tough. This map made of fabric is waterproof. It’s the idea of two mountain bikers and backed not by the banks but by people like you and me.

“If we’d just got the money from the bank we’d never have gained the feedback we needed on SplashMaps. We can be really proud of this product and our backers have been a cruicial part of our development process.”

Hampshire-based SplashMaps are amongst the first to receive finance using the US crowd funding website Kickstarter…..