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Toggle Toob: Comfortable face covering headwear

Maps of Vibrant cities, Transport systems, Mountains and other Popular Destinations are included in our Toggle Toob collection. Each one (and our personalised ones too) doubles-up as a double-layered face coverings.

The UK’s popular cities, national parks and mountains

Check out London, London Underground, Ordnance Survey Ben Nevis, Scafell, Snowdon, New Forest & Lake District.

Europe’s finest & vibrant cities

Our North European Cities include Manchester, Cambridge, Copenhagen, Oslo, Berlin and Munich. Maps of the UK, Maps of Scandanavia and Europe as comfortable double-layered trail masks from SplashMaps.

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  • lake-district-central-toob-mask

    Lake District Map Central Toggle Toob

  • Toob-mask-dartmoor-title

    Map of Dartmoor – SplashMaps Toggle Toob

  • new-forest-toob-mask

    New Forest Toggle Toob

  • sca-fell-splashmaps-toob-mask

    Sca Fell OS Map Toggle Toob

  • ben-nevis-map-toggle-toob-splashmaps

    Ben Nevis OS Map Toggle Toob

  • london-underground-toob-mask

    London Underground Map Toggle Toob

  • snowdon-toob-mask

    Snowdon OS Map Toggle Toob

  • manchester-splashmaps-toob-mask

    Vibrant City Manchester Map Toggle Toob

  • london-toob-mask-splashmaps

    Vibrant City London Toggle Toob

  • new-york-splashmaps-toob-mask

    New York Map Toggle Toob from SplashMaps

  • vibrant-city-cambridge-toob-mask

    Vibrant City Cambridge Toggle Toob

  • copenhagen-toob-mask-splashmaps

    Vibrant City Copenhagen Toggle Toob

  • stockholm-toob-mask-splashmaps

    Vibrant City Stockholm Toggle Toob

  • berlin-toob-mask-splashmaps

    Vibrant City Berlin Toggle Toob

  • oslo-splashmaps-toob-mask

    Vibrant City Oslo Toggle Toob