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All Our Textile Map Formats

All SplashMaps’ textile map formats are designed for confident adventures anywhere in the world. Imagine planning and striking out to find new trails with the world’s most trusted maps always on hand in a format that best suits you. 

SplashMap: Never failing maps on every adventure

Will uses his SplashMaps in rescue and mountain leadership around the world

Using robust performance fabrics a SplashMap textile map on our Pro Weatherpoof fabric is always with you. In your palm as you progress, in your fists against the wind and even shrugging-off the worst rain or snow without need of a carry case. They’re easily stuffed into pockets and bags for instant access and never suffer battery death, malfunction, mushing, bleeding or the hell of fussy folding.

Mark your route-up with a washable felt tipped pen and when you’re done stuff it in the washing machine. Confidence delivered with ease!

Our Pro Fabric is a specially selected light-weight and dense woven polyester which is both breathable and shrugs off water. 

Each one includes a key for simple identification of the main navigational features and guidance on washing. We thoughtfully stitch this onto the edge of the map to optimise map space.

A SplashMap is 72 x 72cm finished with edge stitching and includes the graticules and grid numberings you’d expect of great map (OS Grid in Great Britain and local national grids for all other countries).

Satin Scarf: Elegance with the beauty of the world’s finest maps

SplashMaps’ personalised Ordnance Survey Map Scarf

A SplashMaps Satin Scarf combines the elegance of our shearing  ‘lite’ fabric with the beauty of the world’s finest maps. 

Light-weight and with a soft sheen the scarves are super comfortable and an amazing talking point whenever seen. Share the pride you feel in your favourite places among friends and when out and about.

Our satin textile map is on a light polyester with high fashion shearing qualities for a beautiful drape.

Want to commission something even more showy? Contact SplashMaps for personalised waistcoats, ties, dresses and blouses.

Satin scarves are a generous 90 x 90cm to make the most of that shear material. The map is zoomed from scale for beauty and clarity even at a distance.

Toob: The versatile headwear format

Walking and Hiking Toob Maps from SplashMaps in use on the trail

SplashMaps Toobs put the best of the world’s maps onto a versatile headwear format. This textile map format is formed into a seamed tube, the high performace ‘Iris’ spandex material is super flexible to pull over the head for use as a neck or head warmer.

Versatile headwear is an essential part of your layering system – whether you’re a runner, walker, cyclist or water sports enthusiast.  The map is fully navigable with true-to-scale mapping With a surface area of approximately 50 x 50cm it covers between 150 and 625 square kms (depending on your choice of scale) meaning you’ll never get lost on those local jaunts.

Mask: Ethical social distancing with maps on

Nicola Meadley and our MD, David Overton, agree to share the latest map tech at Keswick Mountain Festival

Our Masks are the unique and ethical alternative to those thin and non-biodegradable disposable masks we see in our hedgerows. Following the best scientific advice, our masks consist of 2 durable, washable and reusable layers stitched together in the usual high quality SplashMaps way. A cotton layer on the face side is comfortable and adsorbent while the outer polyester gives a breathable durable layer to prevent the passage of viruses from the wearer.

Make your mask say something about you with our beautiful maps and the ability to include titles.

Each mask has a true-to-scale map 18 x 12cm with a title positioned to obscure the least detail.

Toggle Toob/ Toob Masks: Comfort and protection on the trail

Here’s mountain man Alan Hikes wearing our Sca Fell Toggle Toob

Upgraded from our Toob products, the toggled Toobs are designed both to show your love of an area, to navigate and to protect for dust, cold, wind and social distancing.

Using our highest quality ‘Iris” spandex, this SplashMap has a double layer (including a mesh inner) for added protection and comfort when worn over the face. Versatile to be used over the head or around the neck, this map textile format is easily adjusted for comfort and protection on the trail or when visiting the shops.

As well as our personalised options, why not consider our vibrant city designs to really make a mappy statement?

Each product is a stretchy 50cm in diameter and 36cm height entirely covered in true-to-scale map detail. The toggle and drawstring design necessitates a ‘U shaped’ cut away at the back of the product.

Lens cloths

This Arbroath map lens cloth from SplashMaps covers this beautiful area of Scotland

Having worked with a BBC Camera operator and chosen the best of our fabrics for his lenses, we’re now able to offer a custom service on lens cloths.

Lens cloths are essential kit for most outdoor lovers. Used for binoculars, telescopes, cameras, glasses and screens your lens cloths will be in use all the time. A terrific way to show you love the outdoors, relive a fabulous memory of your favourite place or even get your brand understood with greater clarity.

We have fixed areas on the site, but we can make a map of your event or place simply (open the .

Buy from our range of off-the-shelf styles, or please contact us for a custom bulk order for your place, brand or your own image.

18 x 18cm (7″ x 7″)

Tablecloths: Ethical textile map dining and planning in one

Ordnance Survey Personalised Tablecloths are just one of the many custom map formats you can create using our map maker. Simply choose the place you want, select one of the tablecloth formats and give a title if you wish. Simple!

Our tablecloths create inspirational opportunities to plan and remember shared experiences. Use yours to plan the days outings on a family holiday or to piece together a personal challenge over a series of meals. Or simply admire the beautiful work of the map designer!

Manufactured using our SplashTexTM recycled fabric, this is a truly ethical choice. A square tablecloth is made from 8 post-consumer plastic bottles, recycled into map textile fully within Europe. Originally designed for our customer Lush cosmetics, we believe this 100% recycled fabric is the only of its kind. Let’s keep the plastic where it belongs! We’ve converted disposable waste into beautiful long-term products. Buy one to keep plastics out of the oceans.

SplashTex has an attractive drape, is breathable, easily washable and more adsorbent than our Pro fabric.

2 sizes available: 130 x 130cm and 130 x 180cm (choose a long ‘portrait’ or wide ‘landscape’ layout).

Microfibre Towels: The camp-site & event essential

SplashMaps’ microfibre towels are highly adsorbent yet quick to dry, light to carry and simple to pack!

SplashMaps’ quick drying microfibre towels are ideal for the quick dip, camping trip or ‘lounge in the sun while planning’ adventurer. Our polyester microfibre is designed to be optimally adsorbent while being small enough to roll into a back-pack with an elasticated hoop to keep it all together.

At 90 x 150cm they are the answer to most towelling needs with an easy to spot bright green reverse and super clear mapping detail.

Shower Curtains: The simplest bathroom upgrade

Personalised Map Shower Curtain

Plan and admire at your least distracted time of day with SplashMaps shower curtains. Printed onto woven water-resistant shower curtain polyester, SplashMaps’ map detail and vibrancy comes alive. The perfect textile map for your planning shower or for your guests to get their bearings when visiting your property. They’re a “wow” factor in any bathroom.  

Light-weight, but durable, these curtains draw swiftly so your map on consealed during out of use time to be revealed when swished-open. Enjoy your bathroom planning!

2m drop and 1.75m width, the curtains hold the full square map zoomed-up to fill the width and includes all the graticule numbering and map ornamentation you’d expect from our weatherproof SplashMaps. Comes with plastic split curtain hoops for easy hanging.

Your custom design and bulk order projects

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