Cycling maps

Thrashing the trails, exploring the byways or touring the tarmac, SplashMaps are the perfect cycling maps to get the most from your biking adventures.

Solo, group and inspirational cyclists

Personalised and purpose made destination maps – on formats like our Trail Masks – inspire solo and group cyclists with simple, confident navigation in every circumstance.

By avoiding those hard coded gps or folded plans a SplashMap offers greater freedoms to explore, creating memorable experiences on products you’ll keep forever and which comfortably defend against rain, sun, wind, dust and even virus transmission.

So why bother with cumbersome, degrading paper and laminate maps? Don’t be a slave to the “fait accompli” pre-loaded phone or GPS plans, but sketch it out on a SplashMap and inspire yourself or your team to greater things!

Cycling maps from SplashMaps mean you;-

Save time & confusion – swift, confident planning on super clear mapping with washable pens
Enjoy anxiety free navigation – indestructible maps PLUS no fiddling with apps or folds
Sharpen instincts – award winning maps tickle your curiosity and inspire you to explore
Lighten your load – halve your map weight & carbon footprint
Relive, plan & replan – gather round a SplashMap
Trust your map – a SplashMap simply cannot let you down with formats designed for hands, bars, heads, necks and every weather
Own your achievement – share and show the ultimate kudos with a personalised map of what you plan or did
Know your rights – don’t be chased off the bridleways. We’ve included permitted cycle ways in the must-visit UK destinations.