Maps of Scotland

Ordnance Survey’s maps of Scotland select popular areas as Toobs and traditional SplashMaps squares.

Withstand the unpredictable Scottish weather

Discover the rugged beauty of Scotland with our specially crafted fabric maps, designed to withstand the unpredictable Scottish weather and diverse terrain. From rain and wind to snow and hail, our SplashMaps are built to endure it all, ensuring that your outdoor adventures in Scotland remain unhindered. Whether you’re navigating through mountainous landscapes or traversing marshy terrain, our weatherproof fabric maps provide reliable guidance, allowing you to explore Scotland’s breathtaking scenery with confidence.

Unparalleled fine detail

Constructed from rip-resistant, weatherproof fabric, our maps shrug off moisture and remain intact even in the harshest conditions. Printed with high precision, they offer unparalleled fine detail, ensuring simple appreciation of your surroundings no matter where your Scottish adventures take you.

Transformative navigation for even the most seasoned exporer

Join adventurers like Chaz Powell, winner of the Scientific Expedition Society’s ‘Explorer of the Year’. Chaz, a seasoned African explorer and now ranger in Scotland’s remote Cairngorm mountains, relies on SplashMaps to plan and undertake his expeditions with confidence, saying;

‘My SplashMaps have totally transformed how I set about planning and undertaking my expeditions!’

Unlimited Adventures in Scotland

Using the most highly detailed and accurate maps provided by Ordnance Survey, our fabric maps offer certainty of location and terrain, empowering you to embark on unlimited adventures in Scotland. With SplashMaps, navigating Scotland’s landscapes and attractions becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience, allowing you to focus on the beauty of your surroundings without worrying about the challenges of traditional paper maps.

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