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Northern Hemisphere Star Map


Dew proof SplashMap Star Chart of the Northern Hemisphere Stars

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The whole of the map on our all-weather Pro-fabric

The whole of the star map on our all-weather Pro-fabric

Star Map

This Star chart is the product of a collaboration between SplashMaps and one of the word’s foremost uranographers (star map makers).

Star gazers around the globe

Wil’s Star Charts and Star Atlases (amongst others The Cambridge Star Atlas, Sky Atlas 2000.0 and Uranometria 2000.0) are used by Star Gazers around the globe.

Once the preserve of professional astronomers

What was once the preserve of the professional astronomers, is now available for you thanks to SplashMaps. Explore the night sky, mark-up with a pen where you see the constellations, and enjoy the northern hemisphere stars on a durable SplashMap!

All the constellations

Use the star chart to spot all the constellations visible at specific times of the year.

Wil’s background in his own words

‘I started working on Sky Atlas 2000.0, with stars down to magnitude 8.0. After it’s publication in 1981 (Sky Publishing Corporation / Cambridge University Press), publishers started asking me to do star maps and star atlases for them. This resulted in quitting my job as a graphic artist and designer, and starting as a full-time star-map-maker (uranographer) in 1983. Since then I have worked on star maps for several atlases and a large number of books and magazines.’


Contents: Stars, constellations, star clusters, nebulae and galaxies in the northern hemisphere, Star chart.

Wil's maps of the stars are world renound

The whole of the map on our all-weather Pro-fabric

The whole of the map on our all-weather Pro-fabric

Star Map detail

Star chart detail

Dimensions on map:
Covering an infinitely large expanse of the Space!
Size of product (including borders):
72cm x 72cm (approximately)

Additional information

Dimensions 73 × 73 cm


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