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A personalised SplashMap is the perfect guide, unique to you and your tribe. These fabric maps survive all weathers and are simply tailored to your specific place and needs via our super simple on-line map maker service. Now available in a range of formats from Toob neckwarmers to tablecloths and quick drying microfibre towels.

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  • Map Maker

  • your-design-splashmap

    Your Design SplashMap

  • splashmaps-gift-vouchers

    Make-a-Map Voucher

  • battle-field-tour-guide

    Larger Prototypes

  • bul-purchase-customer-prototype

    Prints from your approved design – 50 x 50cm Pro fabric

  • Map Waistcoat

  • your-trail-plot

    Plot my trail SplashMap – UK