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SplashMaps® are beautiful, scrunchable, yet virtually indestructible, fabric maps. Made for any adventure our fabric USA Maps neither degrade, like paper nor trip-out or break like GPS. They’re just simple navigation without the fuss of folding, squinting or scrabbling for batteries or signal.


They’re scrunchable (to stuff into pockets or tie around necks), weatherproof and washable (you can mark on routes or slather them in mud, and they’ll emerge from the machine as new).

USA Maps

• Create a great walking/adventuring scale SplashMap of anywhere  with superb USGS detail when you use our map customizer AND personalize it with your own title!

• SELECT: SplashMaps’ “Toob” headwear is the ultimate in versatile navigation for mountains, trails and national parks; offering comfort and warmth whilst saving map space in your pack & pockets.

• Choose from popular USA maps, long-distance trails, city maps and even atlas scales.

• SplashMaps Michelin Maps give us amazing small-scale regional fabric maps for planning your tour. The Michelin SplashMaps use SplashMaps’ Pro weatherproof fabric to survive almost anything. They’ll guide you to the key locations, are uniquely suited to your kind of travel and live-on as a unique memento of that amazing getaway. Simply scrunch it up, stuff it in a pocket or even wear it! Choose yours here.

Designed and woven for confidence SplashMaps USA Maps are unique scrunchable guides for any adventurer.

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