About SplashMaps – weatherproof maps of anywhere on fabric

How SplashMaps began

SplashMaps pick up a lot of innovation, business & design awards. Check the latest news HERE

Like many great products, SplashMaps was born of frustration. David was out on his bike one day, struggling with a paper map. He suddenly remembered there'd once been an ingenious solution to this problem: wartime silk escape and evasion maps.

Fabric maps - simple but brilliant

SplashMaps make historical maps & charts using original print files from the genuine maps of the day! Check them HERE

David was already working with Ian on some high tech projects for well-known mapping agencies. They put their heads together, and thought about all the reasons why those fabric maps were such a good idea. Easy to use, accurate, and - freedom! - a good map can open up the world, and take you on a new and very personal adventure.


Going further, with confidence

The next step was to see how fabric maps could leap forward into the 21st century. That was easy, because we discovered home-grown, British talent to help design and make our weatherproof, scrunchable, SplashMaps.

We're huge believers in loving the world we live in, and getting to know it better. So we found European partners to print our maps, and worldwide expertise to make sure all the mapping is as up to date as it can be. Eco-friendly too - everything's made from a 'zero waste print process' and you can dine-in on our 100% recycled SplashTex tablecloths.


SplashMaps' Table cloths are personalised and manufactured from recycled SplashTex fabric
SplashMaps' Table cloths are personalised and manufactured from recycled SplashTex fabric

What's next in our story

Those fabric escape maps were a game-changer - true innovation. They've inspired us to innovate too and (hush! hush!), believe it or not, we're already working with the brilliant minds at the University of Southampton to pioneer a new type of e-textile technology. We have a newsletter, if you'd like updates on all things map-related.


So - who’s with us?!

You'll know some of the fabulous people we've met along the way. Take a look at our Champions' stories, and explore how we're spreading the message about mapping.

It's your journey. Make it with Splashmaps.


Nick from Hidden Valley Bushcraft

Nick & Karl followed our Offa's Dyke while raising over £5000 for PTSD charities

We were pleased to support Nick Goldsmith’s Offa’s Dyke challenge, helping him to raise important funds for recovering PTSD sufferers.

Cathy from Wild Mountain NI

Cathy and Petra with their SplashMaps helping more women discover the Beautiful Mourne Mountains

Cathy's a qualified Mountain Leader and outdoors entrepreneur helping women love the mountains. WildMountain NI are based in the beautiful Mourne Mountains of Northern Ireland.

Chris Howard - The Coast Walker

Chris is a Scout Ambassador. You can check all the maps he used here

14 Marathons in 14 days through 14 National Parks? Of course we were delighted to support Chris with 14 SplashMaps and help plant over 100 trees in the Queen's Canopy project.


Chris Hildrey's Proxy Address project uses geo technology to lift people out of a cycle of homelessness

We co-sponsor Geomob, encouraging projects that bring the best geo-innovations into the world. SplashMaps supports the 'Best Speaker' prizes, 4 times a year in 4 countries.

Peak Partners

We're proud members of the Peak District Foundation, a charitable organisation that's making more of the UK’s original National Park properly accessible to all.

Armchair Adventure Festival


We're always on hand at the Festival, and we help plan the event too. It's the premier coming-together of adventurers in the UK - we hope to see you there!

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