Dartmoor Map Series

The Dartmoor Map series

This is the fabric Dartmoor Map series from SplashMaps! Say goodbye to soggy, ripped paper maps and hello to durable, weatherproof fabric maps designed to take on the elements.

Dive into the Wilderness with Complete Confidence

🎉 Not only can you dive into the wilderness with complete confidence, but with our versatile Toob headwear, you’ll look the part too! Wear it as a headband, neck gaiter, or even to protect your face from the brisk Dartmoor breeze – the possibilities are endless.

Roam the Extensive Moorland

🧣 Embark on a quest to find the mysterious tors, uncover the hidden sites, and roam the extensive moorland, all while keeping your trusty map by your side – or around your neck!

The ultimate companion for your Dartmoor Adventures

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker, a casual walker, or an adventurous family, these maps are the ultimate companion for your Dartmoor adventures. And they make for pretty cool souvenirs, too!

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