Bagging Peaks and National Trails

Walkers are a persistent bunch. Photos from Personal, Annual, Life long and bucket list challenges arrive all the time. The titles and formats of maps say almost too much about our challengers!

Outdoor by ISPO

So why this show, and why this year? Well, it makes sense – now that we sell on 4 continents – to be part of a more international show. Afterall, Outdoors by ISPO, (Munich, June 30th – July 4th) is Europe’s biggest outdoors trade event

Top Ten Tips for a Mixed Group Hike

Old friends What is it about old friends?  Mine all have different interests but somehow we met in a big pool of other people and the gravity of friendship has held us together. They’re…

Dump on Malaysia

If the World had a consciense innovation could be directed at something more meaningful than dealing with the dump on Malaysia. From recycling bottles into maps to monitoring illegal logging from Space, we’ve become driven by mans thoughlessness. Time for something more meaningful?

Next generation maps

Many misunderstand what we’re creating with SplashMaps. After all, shouldn’t fabric go the same way as paper in the relentless march of technology? Well, just check our 5 top trends that will shape the…

Tips on Map Care

I’m developing a map collection, and beginning to get into it. So here are my top tips for map care so you can keep yours in tip-top condition!

Craft Beer Tours

Plan a craft beer tour with SplashMaps, we have teamed up with the biggest beer crafting club in the UK, Beer52. Be sure to check out the discounts in the magazine and the unboxing video.

Epic Bike Rides of the World

What could inspire you to take-on one of the epic bike rides of the world? The answer could be very simple. Lonely Planet, that favourite of traveller’s brands, has come-up with a book that…