Make the most of your 2021 UK staycation

The UK is a great place to go on a staycation. There are so many places worth exploring and it’s never been a better time for an adventure at home with all the uncertainty and travel restrictions from this summer. If you’re out and about enjoying the great outdoors – pack your SplashMap so you can make the most of wherever you are.

How to turn a staycation into an adventure

Using staycation time effectively Holidays are extra precious this year. Using staycation time effectively to explore and enjoy new surroundings is a must. And the shortest route to memorable new experiences is making a…

The Best Maps for Walking and Hiking

An innovative way to explore the world Fabric maps are an innovative way to explore the world and discover new places. They are lightweight, waterproof, easy to fold up, and incredibly durable. It’s no…

Awesome Destinations

Awesome Destinations is our latest series of films! Since we began it’s been our purpose to make printed maps simple, desirable and accessible for everyone. That’s why we invented our Destination series of maps.

Property Maps

HW Conveyancing Searches bought 50 branded SplashMaps for key clients in 3 areas of Hampshire.

Hampshire Life Men in Business

What Makes SplashMaps Tick Why was I picked for the Hampshire Life Men in Business article in their glossy May 2021 magazine? Seems it’s because they’d seen some of the press around our e-Textile…