4 Gifts That Make YOU a Pro Adventurer With Maps That Can’t Fail?

Maps are an excellent way to plan trips, explore new places, and learn about different cultures. But, once you’ve invested in maps that can’t fail, it’s time to expand your challenge horizon. Any of these four inspirations from our Ambassadors will help you navigate the world like a pro.

Our Ambassadors say the map works for them. Find out below how they can make you a pro Adventurer

Better kit: The best maps that can’t fail carrier.

Nick Goldsmith wants his maps close. This is how he does it.

If you’re planning a trip, you need to make sure your maps are always close to hand. Our bushcraft expert, veteran Nick Goldsmith, recommends pouches that easily attach to any ruck-sack. Check out the Tasmanian Tiger Range here.

More wheels

2 wheels good? Perhaps 3 could be better! Gift a sidecar experience day with Guiness world record holders Matt and Reece, the ‘Sidecar Guys‘. One and two day experineces ideal for motorcyclists keen to make more of an off-road experince. Bring your Northumberland SplashMap.

Develop essential Mountain skills

The Mourne Mountain SplashMap on a beautiful Northern Ireland morning

Join Cathy and Petra, the mountain leaders from Wild Mountain NI as they walk you through the basics of mountain hiking. Their January event in the beautiful Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland includes Breakfast and a FREE Mourne Mountains SplashMap! Their map that can’t fail.

Inspirational Giving

An Adventurer focussed on worthy causes

Not up for running 15 marathons in 15 days in 15 national parks yourself? Thankfully Adventurers like Chris Howard exist to do just that. All you need is to follow him and dip into your pocket for the next impressive feat. Here he is preparing and putting his new maps to the test.

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