5 Simple Steps To Plan Successfully

Planning simply is a great way to achieve success in both personal and professional life. That’s why our Adventurers stand by these 5 Simple Steps To Plan Successfully. It’s about determining your goals and developing a plan that is easy to follow and execute. I was prompted to write this when John Blashford-Snell updated me recently on his expedition in Bolivia. “Time spent planning is seldom time wasted”, he often says. Find more of his wisdom in this interview.

John Blashford-Snell shares how he uses maps for planning his adventures

We meet a lot of Adventurers and we’ve picked up a few good habits from them. Here are your 5 tips for planning simply:

Define your Goals

Goals should be specific and measurable, such as “publication of my third book by the end of this year” or “walk a 50 mile section of Santiago di Campostella”. When you know where you want to go, it’s easier to make plans on how to get there.

Break Down Big Tasks

To break down big tasks into smaller ones, focus on one thing at a time and assign deadlines for each task so you don’t become overwhelmed with too many things at once. For example, choosing accommodation could be broken down to (i) identify the key features you need for the accommodation, (ii) prioritise these, (iii) research all the options (iv) apply your criteria & make your choice, before (v) finally booking or acquiring your accommodation.

Planning and surveying are essential parts of a Scientific Exploration with @SESExplore

Set Aside Time For Planning

Scheduling regular touch points (daily, weekly or monthly) to focus solely on planning can help keep you keep focused and organised, because when we are rushed we tend to forget key tasks or initiatives that need prioritisation before they can move ahead. See our earlier article “Planning that Challenge

Re-Evaluate Your Agenda Regularly

Life changes quickly so it’s valuable not only to plan for the present but also ask yourself if the plans still make sense based on current circumstances or unexpected events; adjust accordingly when necessary!

When Charlie Walker started his walk across Siberia he had no idea the country would be at war

Simplify Communication As Much As Possible

Military friends of ours always use WhatsApp in the absence of more involved planning communication tools. Your chats can be subdivided, but a working record of your advance in planning is held right there for all involved to see.

And one Extra Thought

Don’t Over-Plan Or Overwhelm Yourself– Too much planning can take up more energy than completing tasks themselves; thus it’s important not to overwhelm yourself with too many plans that might never come into fruition due to various factors such as financial constraints.

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