7 Reasons to Join Us at C46 the National Outdoor Expo, 18-19th March

Join thousands of enthusiastic outdoor enthusiasts at the National Outdoor Expo this coming 18-19th March! Get the chance to explore personalised maps in the outdoors and much more. Here’s 7 great excuses to head for C46 at least twice during your visit.

Stand friends with Adventure Queen Mother at the NOE2022, Birmingham NEC

1. Make Your Own Map for less – Customised Personalised Maps

At stand C46 you can find great discounted deals on personalised fabric maps. Come meet the experts who use these maps in even the toughest conditions, and pick up one for yourself for a reduced price! All personalised maps are at a minimum of £5 off – come grab your bargain at the Show!

2. Launching Running Maps

Andy Pye launches his West Midlands trail running map at SplashMaps’ stand

Are you a fan of running and exploring new locations? Get the best of both worlds with the new weatherproof ‘West Midlands Trail Running Map’ created by Andy Pye, Trail Running coach. Visit SplashMaps’ Stand C46 on Saturday at 9:30am for the official launch! This map will help make running in unfamiliar places fast and easy.

3. Learn Mindfulness with Maps

Nick Goldsmith is the Author of Rewild your Mind uses SplashMaps for Bushcraft & Hiking

Join us on Saturday at 10am and meet Nick Goldsmith, a veteran Royal Marine and the author of ‘Rewild your Mind’. He uses our Mindful Maps in his Bushcrafting workshops to help people dealing with PTSD. See for yourself how these fabric maps have been used on his wild camping and outdoor adventures in the Chew Valley. We’re excited for you to join us and be inspired by Nick’s mission to help fellow sufferers!

4. Start Adventuring with Maps

Chris Howard has 14 different SplashMaps. Find out from him just why?

Maps have been a passionate tool for Chris Howard over the years, helping him complete ambitious journeys along Britain’s coastline – both on foot and by boat. For his next unforgettable challenge, Chris is preparing to run 14 marathons in 14 days through 14 of the country’s spectacular National Parks. At the Armchair Adventure Festival last year, Chris created his own personalised SplashMaps tailored for all weathers, meaning he’ll stay safe, dry and warm throughout his tough yet rewarding journey. To hear more about this brave adventurer’s story, head down to meet him at 10am on Sunday.

5. Survive with Maps

Our outstanding Ambassadors give you 7 reasons to meet us at the National Outdoor Expo this year

Kev Newton’s career has seen him protecting the famous and adventurous in remote areas around the world. As the lead instructor of RAF St Mawgan’s SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist & Extract) unit, he knows a thing or two about surviving in hazardous conditions. At 12 noon on Sunday, come to C46 to learn first-hand from Kev how a fabric map can give you an advantage in even the most dangerous situations.

6. Make friends with maps

Matt and Reece’s noteworthy journey around the world by moped and sidecar was a fascinating experiment in the power of human kindness. On their voyage, they made a lot of friends who were drawn to their extraordinary stories which they had mapped out onto a SplashMap. That is why we share stand C46 with the Armchair Adventure Festival they founded. We’re honored to be their mapping partner.

7. Waterproof Paper Maps and Charts

Need a map that can go where you do? Look no further – our waterproof maps & charts are designed to brave all kinds of weather and adventure! Durable, lightweight, and super simple to use, they’re better than paper equivalents and more reliable than any device that relies on battery or signal.

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