Tips on Map Care

I’m developing a map collection, and beginning to get into it. So here are my top tips for map care so you can keep yours in tip-top condition!

Craft Beer Tours

Plan a craft beer tour with SplashMaps, we have teamed up with the biggest beer crafting club in the UK, Beer52. Be sure to check out the discounts in the magazine and the unboxing video.

Epic Bike Rides of the World

What could inspire you to take-on one of the epic bike rides of the world? The answer could be very simple. Lonely Planet, that favourite of traveller’s brands, has come-up with a book that…

Invent more plastics!

Plastics aren’t the problem. It’s our mis-use of plastics. Be grateful for the unique things these amazing materials and just invent new plastics!

First Instagram friendly map

We’ve created our first custom-made Instagram friendly map in the UK together with Clarion Communications. The 6 islands of the Outer Hebrides are already in Lonely’s Planet’s top 5 regions to visit in 2019….

The Hands of your customer

Hard to describe? Is it hard to describe what you do? You know your part in improving the world, but for service businesses, your efforts can remain unseen if they’re too intangible. If only…

Pulling a boulder

Pushing a boulder Running a business can be daunting. Driving constant improvement is essential but, as one entrepreneur said to me the other day, “it’s like pushing a huge boulder up a hill.” Keep…

Make history – you map maker!

Make history Every time you design a map, title it and commit it to print you make history. You create a story unique to that moment in time. Your idea, now tangible, becomes a…