Chris’ Ultimate Running Maps challenge

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting out, Chris’ guide to the ultimate running maps has everything you need to know to find the perfect route for your next workout.

Meet our Ambassador

Chris explains why he took on the mad challenge of 15 marathons in 15 days

Chris Howard is our long distance Ambassador. How long? Very Long!! Chris walked and rowed around the entire British Isles for example! Simply he can’t afford to trust paper maps and naturally became an Ambassador for SplashMaps. We sponsored his most ultra of challenges to date; 15 Marathons in 15 National Parks in 15 days. In each Park he has a SplashMap uniquely tailored for his challenge. Each SplashMap covers the challenge area, some are our Pro-weatherproof survive anything maps. Some Toggle Toobs, Toobs and even microfibre towels.

Chris goes live around 4pm on Facebook as he heads for the next park! Note the backdrop.

Chris is working with the National Parks & the Woodland trust to promote the biodiversity & vital ecosystems they provide for us all to enjoy. 

Follow him on Facebook here and see his chosen trails here.

Chris’ Top Tip? Don’t be afraid to mix up your routes to keep things interesting.

Running the same route every day can get boring quickly. And you don’t have to do Marathons to keep things interesting. Try mixing up your routes. You can try running in a different direction, taking a new trail, or exploring a new neighborhood. Not only will this keep your workouts fresh and exciting, but it can also help you discover new favorite routes. Plus, mixing up your routes can challenge your body in new ways, helping you become a stronger and more well-rounded runner.

Chris demonstrates how SplashMaps work for his adventures

The Ultimate Running Maps

Chris concludes; ‘Looking for a new running route to switch up your workout routine? With the help of SplashMaps’ running maps in any format, you can easily find scenic and challenging routes in your area.’ Whether you prefer running distant trails or setting off from home, Chris’ confirms a SplashMap has everything you need to know to find the perfect route for your next run.

Marathon 15: Chris Finishes 🥳 wrapped in our Norfolk Broads National Park Recovery Blanket Map

After 400 miles Chris wraps himself in the Broads

Day 15: watch the last 100m of the last Marathon run here and the map he used as a recovery blanket here

Marathon 14: Chris runs tight circles in the South Downs National Park

Limited by a medical need to be close to a loo 💨, Chris still did his 26 miles!

Day 14: The South Downs National Park around Arundel film here and the map series here.

Marathon 13: Chris runs David rides the New Forest National Park

Finding a more interesting Marathon route with a SplashMap in the New Forest

Day 13: The New Forest National Park; Chris skinny dips 😱 with a SplashMaps toob protection from the mosquitos. Film here and the map series here.

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