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Explore the great battles and historic sites of the world with this amazing collection of historical maps. Discover how wars were fought in a different era and examine the strategies used by military commanders with these detailed battlefield maps.

Be the perfect guide.

If you are a Battlefield Guide you need Maps! Often the paper ones are expensive and don't last long. At SplashMaps we've worked with members of the International Guild of Battlefield Guides. Our fabric battle maps are rain proof, super clear and designed for ease of use in the field be it windy, rainy, muddy or fine. Have your own designs? Check our 3 options to create your own fabric maps right now!

Understand the Evolution of Conflict with Historical Maps.

Observe and understand the evolution of warfare from ancient times to modern day with these incredible historical maps. Follow the progress of a battle, understand troop movements and observe terrain features in a way that no photograph could ever convey. With this detailed insight into our military past, you can gain an appreciation for how the art of conflict has developed over time.

Browse for the battlefield of your choice.

Our collection of historical maps has something for everyone. You can browse for the battlefield of your choice, from centuries old conflicts to the battles of World War II and more. With our unique battlefield proof fabric, beloved by all discerning guides, you can explore a vast range of time periods and uncover the history behind them .

Gain insight into troop movement and strategies used by historical armies.

By studying these detailed maps, you can gain new insights into the strategies and tactics used by famous armies throughout history. These historical maps offer an unprecedented look into how some of the great battles were fought.

Understand the historical context.

Before you start studying the maps, it's important to first understand the historical context of the battle in question. Learning about the armies, their leaders, and the objectives of each side will help you to make sense of why certain strategies and tactics were used on the battlefield. Once you have a better understanding of the background behind each conflict, you'll be able to gain further insights from your study of these detailed maps

Locate key landmarks on a battlefield map.

Apart from understanding the placement of the opposing armies, battlefield maps can be useful in locating important landmarks such as farmhouses, hills, rivers and woods. Such key points may have been used by either side in order to gain tactical advantage. Being able to identify strategic locations on a map will help you to visualise the events that took place during the battle.

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Browse Our Battlefield Tour Products below:

  • d-day2dante-v2_michelin-splashmaps

    6 Armies in Normandy Map – WW2 Walking SplashMap

  • ypres-salient-fabric-map-splashmap

    WW1 Ypres Salient Map from SplashMaps

  • hill-112-ww2-memorial-map

    Battle of Normandy Map- via Hill 112

  • battle-normansy-overview-splashmap

    Battle of Normandy Map – Overview Michelin SplashMap

  • Sale! Agincourt-augmented-reality-map-from-splashmaps

    Harry’s Hampshire Map – The Road to Agincourt

  • battle-somme-day-1-splashmap

    WW1 Battle of the Somme Day 1 Map

  • ww2-bomber-base-map

    Mighty 8th & 9th – WW2 American Bomber Base Map

  • ww2-liberation-normandy-splashmap

    Battle of Normandy Map- 102 Michelin SplashMap

  • ww1-somme-overview-map

    WW1 Battle of The Somme Overview Map from SplashMaps

  • heroes-telemark-splashmap-soe-expeditions

    The Heroes of Telemark – Norway to Sweden Arctic Expedition – SplashMap

  • ww2-city-map-Berlin-splashmaps

    WW2 Battlefield Maps

  • ww1-alliances-map

    WW1 Alliances Map from SplashMaps

  • battle-provence-michelin-splashmap

    Battle of Provence Map- 103 Michelin SplashMap

  • index-map-ww2-africa-air-charts

    Research a Battlefield Map