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6 Armies in Normandy Map – WW2 Walking SplashMap

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A 1:150 000 scale map of modern day Normandy, showing the route of allied troops to Montormel on fabric from SplashMaps aids tourism guides at the WW2 Normandy landing beaches and beyond, highlighting key strategic positions and the Churchill tank memorial at Hill 112 and the Montormel Museum.

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6 Armies in Normandy Map – a D-DAY2DANTE® WW2 Remembrance Pilgrimage

The 6 Armies in Normandy Map from SplashMaps is created in partnership with Culture Crossings Ltd. It outlines a World War II remembrance pilgrimage walk from the liberation beaches to the key defensive positions of the 1944 campaign. But there are so many reasons to visit the region with this amazingly detailed tourism map.


Why take a SplashMap on a Battlefield visit or tour? Ask the Guild of Battlefield Guides

Normandy Tourist Map on fabric

This SplashMaps® Michelin derived Normandy Tourist map on fabric shows the great majority of the good roads in this part of France, and includes four famous French major tourist destinations (in the Department of Calvados) for great individual days out in either Caen (William the Conqueror’s Capital), Bayeux (for the 1066 invasion Tapestry), “aristocratic” and elegant Deauville, or Honfleur. 

For the literary minded

For the literary minded, there’s coastal Cabourg, which can also be reached by train from Paris, etc. Cabourg is the model for Proust’s fictional town Balbec in his seven-part novel ‘In Search of Lost Time’. Marcel Proust wrote much of his book during summer vacations at Cabourg’s waterfront Grand-Hôtel, recalling the building, its dining room, and the raised esplanade (now called ‘Promenade Marcel Proust’) that runs in front of the hotel, and along the beach for 3.6 km. This Grand-Hôtel continues to operate as a luxury hotel – and Proust’s room (number 414) has been recreated with period furnishing and décor!

Green Ways

For cyclists – and walkers – this map includes some ‘voies vertes’ [green ways], e.g. from Caen to the ferry port of Ouistreham, which joins up with the coastal paths along the D-Day Beaches [see https://www.francevelotourisme.com/destinations/normandie-a-velo etc].

Complete Rivers

Finally, for enthusiastic map interpreters, this map indicates the varying “tilt” of the land by showing some complete rivers flowing from their sources to the sea. These complete rivers include the Seulles, the Orne, the Dives; and also the complete river Odon, from its source to Caen where it joins the river Orne. The route of “Our Walk D-DAY2DANTE®” crosses these rivers. Also the river Touques flows to the east of the hills at MONTORMEL, from its source in the Perche hills south of Gacé, through Lisieux, and on to the sea ports at Trouville-Deauville.

Start war walk at GOLD Beach

‘D-DAY’: Start war walk at GOLD Beach, King sector; proceed inland via new Ver-sur-Mer memorial. Follow the 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division via Crépon, Creully to ‘D-DAY’s last light objective’ St-Léger. Follow 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards via Cristot, Tessel Wood, to Rauray Spur. Across the ‘Scottish corridor’ over River Odon, onto Operations areas of MARTLET, EPSOM and JUPITER, re-cross River Odon over HILL 112. Cross the River ORNE and follow Canadian (including Polish) Operations TOTALISE (cross River Dives at Jort) and TRACTABLE; closing ‘Falaise Gap’ at Chambois, where Polish Second-Lieutenant Karez met American Captain Waters’ ‘southern pincer’. End Remembrance Pilgrimage (at MONTORMEL) recalling USA’s Ike’s scene from ‘DANTE’.

The foundation of the United Nations

We believe these sites (HILL 112 and MONTORMEL) deserve recognition by UNESCO on their World Heritage List. That’s why the D-DAY2DANTE ® war walk was developed by Culture Crossings Ltd., to link each of them to GOLD Beach. They were focal points in the Battle of Normandy, thus leading to the foundation of the United Nations (UN) by the victors of WW2.

“The United Nations have inflicted upon the Germans great defeats, in open battle, man-to-man.” US General Dwight Eisenhower’s letter to troops before D-Day.

An overview

An overview map for the whole walk and the context of the battles are found in our Battle of Normandy via Hill 112 product.

You can upgrade your map to a fabulous Microfibre towel featuring both maps on one quick-drying product!

Escape and Evasion Maps

Original Escape and Evasion maps of the period were often printed on fabric. They supported covert operations and resistance behind enemy lines. Escape and Evasion maps remain crucial in the liberation of airmen and in paving the way for successful campaigns today. Battlefield guides now use them for relaying the important facts of the Liberation for future generations.

SplashMaps’ Pro weatherproof fabric

SplashMaps’ Battle Maps use Pro weatherproof fabric to survive everything. They’ll guide you to the key locations and live as a memento of key events from your and the world’s history. They make a perfect bandana!

Key content

Boldly marked advancements of the British and USA commands from sea and aerial landings to the land battles. Landing Beaches Juno, Sword, Gold, Omaha. Major liberations of Caen, Courseuulles and Arromanches. German advances at Mortain and Falaise and the eventual allied advancements towards Paris, the Seine and Belgium.


Scale = 1:150 000

Additional information

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Dimensions 73 × 73 cm
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  1. Don (verified owner)

    AT LAST – in the words of Etta James’ song – working with agile SplashMaps, we have 2 maps for “Our Walk Committee’s” charity walk for 70 miles over WW2 battlefields. These indicate (A) why & (B) where [i.e. this map] we will walk from GOLD Beach, via HILL 112, to MONTORMEL – which (in my opinion) marks the destruction (less than 180 miles from Southampton!) of the German 7th Army, and its subsequent flight from France, by autumn 1944. Please send a £5 note (via Royal Mail signed for) to PO Box 1010, Nottingham, NG5 8TF, for a leaflet (for UK only).

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