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The Heroes of Telemark – Norway to Sweden Arctic Expedition – SplashMap


The Heroes of Telemark Norway to Sweden Arctic Trek from SplashMaps covering the highest mountain range in North Europe.

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The Heroes of Telemark SplashMap is a commemorative fabric expedition map on our Pro Weatherproof fabric designed for and used by SOE Expeditions for this formidable Arctic challenge.

What is the Heroes of Telemark expedition

SOE Expeditions recently celebrated the anniversary of a historic mission that stopped Hitler’s nuclear ambitions.

To commemorate this event, the team retraced the steps of the “Telemark” Heroes, which led them across the highest Arctic peaks in Sweden and Norway. The team was fully prepared for this expedition, with the only map that could survive such a mission on hand throughout the journey. Watch more…

Why SOE Expeditions?

S.O.E Expeditions deliver authentic S.O.E and Special Forces endurance based adventure expeditions across Europe, Asia and North Africa. Reliving some of the Saboteurs and Special Forces most successful and daring operations of World War 2. Join them on an outstanding and historic adventure here.

WW2 Commemorative Maps

The Telemark Map is a dedicated map made for adventurers in the 21st century to follow in great footsteps. If you have a mission like this in mind engage our design team here.

Love to own a WW2 map in the original style or need a historical explainer map for yourself, your team or clients? Check our collection here.


Major Settlements / Features:

Sweden, Norway, Telemark, Grouse Route,

1:400 000
Size of product (including borders):
72cm x 72cm


Additional information

Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 72 × 72 cm
Licence Holder

Ordnance Survey

Map Scale



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