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WW2 Battlefield Maps


A collection of WW2 Battlefield Maps SplashMaps created from original hi resolution print files from the 1940’s

A large version of this map is perfect for Battlefield tours and thier guides. Simply lay it out on the ground or use magnets to stick use the side of your bus.

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Original US and UK military WW2 Battlefield maps files

Unlock the secrets of WWII history with our authentic WW2 battlefield maps! Stitched into the clothes of airmen, and discreetly hidden in pencils and Monopoly boxes, the forerunners to our fabric maps were essential for spies, POWs and others looking to evade the enemy. We’ve sourced the original US and UK military WW2  files, so essential for planning raids, escapes, and espionage during the war. Get your own scrunchable piece of this dramatic period in history today! 

Ideal for guides and visitors to the battlefields

These maps are ideal for guides and visitors to the battlefields, and all WW2 enthusiasts. Use magnets with our Large WW2 City Maps to use them on the side of your vehicle.

This is a continually expanding collection. We are taking views on what to add next. Please take part HERE

Current Battlefield Maps

Omaha Beach, Amsterdam, Salerno, Berlin, Casablanca, Rotterdam-Arnhem, Operation Market Garden, Norway, Trondhem, Operation Title

Future Battlefield Maps

If you’d like us to research the archives for a map you’d like on fabric, start HERE.



20″ x 28″

50 x 70 cm*

*in order to make the clearest prints some of these maps may have been zoomed slightly beyond the original scale.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 73 × 73 cm

Berlin, Casablanca, Salerno, Amsterdam, Omaha Beach East, Norway – Trondheim, Rotterdam – Arnhem, Central Europe, Britain France


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