WW1 Battle of The Somme Overview Map from SplashMaps


A WW1 Battle of The Somme Overview Map on fabric from SplashMaps aids tourism guides at the WW1 battle sites, highlighting key strategic positions and advancements on both sides.

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A terrific WW1 Somme Overview Map

This WW1 Somme Overview Map from SplashMap demonstrates the advances of forces during the 1914-18 war. It’s one of our History Maps series covering key military battles. 

Sourced by and recommended by  Battle Field tour guides, this Battle of the Somme map identifies the fronts of both Allied and Axis Troops during the entrenched conflict. 

This map is an amazing guide to use when walking, touring or driving around this pivotal area of France.

The Guild of Battlefield Guides

Historical notes, easy to interpret graphics and the Guild of Battlefield Guides emblem adorn the map. The map was designed for Bob Shaw who is a member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides and helps us on a number of military and historical battle maps. It is intended for members of the Guild of Battlefield Guides.

Escape and Evasion Maps

Original Escape and Evasion maps of the period were often printed on fabric to support covert operations and resistance behind enemy lines. Escape and Evasion maps remain crucial in the liberation of airmen and in paving the way for successful campaigns today. Now they find their use in relaying the important facts of the Liberation for future generations.

SplashMaps’ Pro weatherproof fabric

SplashMaps’ Pro weatherproof fabric will survive everything. The map will guide you to the key locations and live as a memento of key events from your and the world’s history. It’ll make a perfect bandana!

Key content

Boldly marked advancements of the Allied and Axis in Gommecourt, Serre, Beaumont Hamel, Beaucourt, Le Sars, Martinpuich, Ovillers, La Boisselle, Morlancourt, Bray, Peronne, Combles, Guillemont, Ginchy, LesBoeufs, Flers, Bapume, Albert, River Somme, Front Line. 


30″ x 34.5″

75 x 86.2 cm

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