Military Maps

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Military maps inspired the birth of SplashMaps. With a long history of use in major campaigns, escape and evasion and planning, military fabric maps have been in use for well over a century. But SplashMaps’ performance fabrics and the latest data and services take military maps to the next level.

Low tech, high spec maps

To be totally reliable in the military, maps have to survive nearly everything. They can’t be susceptible to outages of signal, battery or the irritation of careful folding and preservation. With tough, light, breathable performance fabrics a SplashMap is the low tech, high spec option military regiments are going for.

Tested to near destruction

Tested by an artillery unit at MoD Lark Hill, the local SplashMap has been stamped into the oil drenched sumps where military vehicles get serviced, then washed and re-used. They’ve been used by Tank commanders, SERE instructors and in the field by regiments.

In use with special forces

Finding in-house military maps ‘unfit for purpose’ one of the SF regiments are regular users, washers and re-users of our famously indestructible maps. It’s the ultimate test for a tough, lightweight product and SplashMaps are beating all plasticised papers hands-down!

To mark permanently and then clean off

Tests in the Chemistry Labs of Southampton University, prove the maps thrive between -78 and 50 degrees Celcius. Not only that, mark one up with permanent marker and a good soaking with acetone will clean off all markings, yet not effect the original base mapping at all!

They’re no stretch Military Maps

Like any great map maker, our scales are true. And that won’t change in use or after the wash! Our fabrics are selected never to stretch nor to shrink from a typical 40 degree wash.

Low effort, high efficiency

Several regiments have ‘fablonned’ (laminated) their last maps! They’re saving a heap of effort and enjoying a new, faster way of navigation with physical maps. SplashMaps are regularly relied upon by our forces as their chosen low effort, high efficiency navigation. Could it be time you found out why?

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