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Chiang Mai, Thailand Map


The Chiang Mai Map Thailand from SplashMaps is a perfect Expedition Map, covering the whole country, its borders and neighbours on our Pro weatherproof fabric

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Chiang Mai Map

The Chiang Mai Map from SplashMaps is part of our International Expedition series. The scale, size and style of these maps are specifically chosen to give you a rapid context of the title country in its entirety; it’s terrain, transport networks and major conurbations. The Chiang Mai map is superb for planning and, thanks to our Pro weatherproof fabric, executing solo or coordinating multi-partied expeditions thanks to the exceptional level of detail.

Expedition Map Series Content

National and maritime borders are highlighted because these give a context of the country and its surrounds. Contours and hill shading are added to give a fast, reliable impression of the topography. Water features include the main river network, lakes, seas and deltas. Conurbations are named in clear bold text and pin pointed throughout the nation and its immediate neighbours to help accurate coordination. Railways and three classes of road (Main, Secondary and Tertiary) detail the transport network to plan your journey and rendez-vous. Woodland gives a clear context for those navigating the country.

Key Content

Map of Mai Settlements

Kyauktalonegyi, Hsihseng, Mawkmai, Shadaw, Loikaw, Chiang Mai, Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone, Pa Ko Dam, Dok Kham Tai, Den Chai, Phichai, Tak, Kamphaeng, Wang Cha, That, Wang Thong




1:740 000

Dimensions of Map

510 km x 510 km

Approximate size of map (including borders)

71 x 71 cm


Custom Maps of Thailand

For larger scale and higher detailed maps within Thailand we’ve created our Map Maker;

1:40 000 Scale weatherproof map of Chiang Mai HERE

Briefing Map expanded to tablecloth size (130 x 130cm) HERE





Additional information

Dimensions 73 × 73 cm
Map Scale

1:1 250 000


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