In an extraordinary display of resilience, determination, and environmental stewardship, the Armed Forces Para-Snowsport Team (AFPST) recently completed a remarkable hike following the Everest Basecamp Maps donated by SplashMaps & Elite athlete, Ben Gallhager….

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Scouting and NHS couple Phil and Jennie’s challenge with their own scouting offspring and Scout Explorers from Arrow district Scouts would impress any adventurer. The John O’Groats to Landsend (aka JOGLE) challenge can never…

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Battery anxiety on hikes, rides and paddles is when you worry that your kit will run out of juice before you reach your destination. It’s normal to feel anxious about this situation, but these…

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Wild Mountain Trekking Considered Wild Mountain trekking in Ireland, Scotland and Everest Basecamp for your next adventure? Wild Mountain NI’s plucky mountain leaders, Petra and Cathy, spare 5 minutes for SplashMaps’ David. They describe…

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Getting your favourite part of Cornwall on map is simple. With SplashMaps’ Map Maker you get OS Maps online with the freedom to adjust place, scale and style within 1 minute!

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The Keswick Mountain Festival kicks off on 10th September and we’re so excited to be heading there! We’ve got some fantastic Keswick products to showcase that you’ll be able to get your hands on. We’ve also got some really exciting projects on the go you won’t want to miss and we need your feedback on.

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If you’re relying on your phone’s GPS and find yourself in a place where there is no signal or the battery dies, what will happen? Make sure to bring a physical map with you at all times!

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