Cornwall on Map

Getting your favourite part of Cornwall on Map couldn’t be simpler. And once it’s on fabric, it couldn’t be more useful.

Boscastle is a great destination to feature on your SplashMap of Cornwal. This page gives you the best advice on adventuring in this area with maps.
Boscastle is a great starting point for inland and coastal walks

The same goes for any other place you could choose in the world. Tailor a map towel for that sun-soaked Greek holiday or choose a Toggle Toob as unique Alpine cycling headwear. The Map Maker gets you exactly the detail you need to explore anywhere.

Swiftly Penned and simply followed

For Cornwall, walkers, hikers, their families, teams and dogs adventure confidently from swiftly penned and simply followed plans kept close to hand. They avoid the anxt of folding paper fiddly apps and poor signal (Cornwall is famed for it!) and simply use their time effectively to explore!

Seeing Cornwall on map

This family headed for Map Maker and chose a part of Cornwall on map near their holiday let. They played with a fully adjustable OS map online and even saw the end results in detail and in mock-up form before buying. They adjusted scale, location and even gave it a lasting memento quality by making a title.

Cornwall on Map Tablecloth for penning a plan of an evening

A tablecloth to plan, a weatherproof SplashMaps to explore

Because it was a large group they ordered two maps. A Tablecloth to plan and pen-on in the evenings when they all gathered around, and a Pro weatherproof SplashMap to hike out with. The 1:50 000 scale on their pro weatherproof SplashMap gave them over 1000 square kilometres to explore. More than enough?

1:50 000 Cornwall on Map SplashMap covers over 1000 square kms

Unique SplashTex Recycled fabric

Doubly ethical: Not only do both maps provide a long lasting reminder of a fabulous time together, the tablecloth is printed on our unique SplashTex Recycled fabric. This is how families and adventurers who care for their planet and value scarce exploration time reduce their environmental impact yet still find their way accurately.

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