SplashMaps Get Ready For Keswick Mountain Festival!

The Keswick Mountain Festival kicks off on 10th September. We’re so excited to be heading there!

You can order maps specific to this event or general to Lake District right now!

We’ve got some fantastic Keswick products you’ll be able to get your hands on.

We’ve also got some really exciting projects on the go you won’t want to miss. And we need your feedback, so look out for some great inducements!

We want to share the excitement of this great event with as many people as possible and we’d love for you to join us on this adventure. It’s time to head out and explore all of those hidden gems up in the mountains – what are you waiting for?!

What’s the KMF?

The Keswick Mountain Festival SplashMap covers all the on-foot challenges

The KMF, or Keswick Mountain Festival, is an annual event that takes place in The UK’s Lake District. The Keswick Mountain Festival has been taking place since 2007, when it was launched by the Keswick Tourism Association. Now owned and operated by Triathlon Edinburgh Ltd Keswick brings together all kinds of outdoor activities in one place including walking, biking, running, climbing, kayaking, and much more!

Our top tips on how to train for these events!

There are plenty of things to do if you’re looking for something different over the weekend. You can pop into the Keswick Mountain Festival Village and check out an array of exhibitors offering outdoor activities, equipment and adventure sports and there’s also a range of retailers selling anything from climbing gear to camping essentials.

Check out demonstrations and workshops with world-class athletes, try your hand at off-road running or go on a guided walk with a local expert. There’ll even be kids’ activities to make it the perfect family event!

What’s SplashMaps doing at Keswick Mountain Festival?

Here’s mountain man Alan Hikes wearing our Sca Fell Toggle Toob

One of the things we’re looking forward to the most is meeting some of our amazing customers, partners and affiliates there like Glocky9 – the Lakeland trail walking guy and his dog Glockyk9 – and inspirational outdoors giants like Alan Hinkes, the first Briton to climb all 14 of the >8km high peaks!

SplashMaps Keswick Specials

This year we’re going to be showcasing our brand new products and looking for your feedback- you won’t want to miss this.

Let’s look at what we’ve got especially for Keswick:

The Keswick Mountain Festival Routes are clearly colour coded and marked on this special edition SplashMap

Specialised event maps that cover all of the KMF’s running challenges.

The Bob Graham Toggle Toob is the perfect memento for this famous challenge

Our map of the famous Bob Graham Round now available in our latest Toggle Toob format on the highest grade neckwarmer spandex fabric, double layered and toggled. Our map includes hill shading to add emphasis to those tight contours out there.

This SplashMaps lens cloth is a soft microfibre towel ideal for cleaning smudges from lenses

BRAND NEW lens cloths! Under £4 each for dedicated maps of Keswick having been developed with BBC camera men and available for your specs and cameras and a great memento of the event.

The Ennerdale OS Map is on SplashTex fabric recycled from 2 post consumer bottles

And our new range of Ordnance Survey 25k maps featuring the 3 top hiking spots. These are available on our fabled SplashTex recycled fabric which is kind to the environment as well as being an invaluable, versatile piece of navigation kit.

The Lake District is one of the areas where SplashMaps has the best coverage and choice – you can find all our Keswick and Lake District Maps in the store.

Our latest invention on e-Textiles

For thousands of years, maps have been one of the most essential human creations for explaining and traveling the globe. Cave paintings and etchings on tusk and stone were some of the first surviving maps, followed by comprehensive maps produced in ancient Babylon, Greece, Rome, China, and India.

Not ones to shy away from progress, at SplashMaps we’re looking for YOUR input on some very innovative future potential offerings.

The eSplashMap shows where you are with LEDs embedded in the fabric

Do you think any of these are worth doing? Please take a moment to answer the questionnaire that can be accessed here.

In the SmartT project – we’re working with the Southampton University and University of Rouen to make electronically enabled maps.

What does that mean? well, there are 2 avenues we’re exploring and we’d like to know what you think…

Augmented Reality Maps

Simply wave your phone over the map to unlock the story…

The first is Augmented Reality Maps – this is where the map user waves a device (your phone for example) over an area of map and it will draw you down more in-depth information about an area. For an event, this could be the start finish, route and points of interest upon the way. For a visitor this could provide a direct link to places to stay or places to visit with sumptuous detail that no longer needs to be printed on the map!

Fabric electronic map – the eSplashMap

The next would be the world’s first flexible fabric electronic map – imagine being able to pinpoint your exact location on a physical, fabric map! Well, thanks to the SmartT project, that’s what we’ve created and have to premier on our stand. LEDs embedded in the fabric map highlight exactly where you are. See this film if you don’t believe me!

We Can’t Wait to See You

After not really being able to get together with the outdoor and adventure community at all over the past 18 months, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who isn’t excited about getting out there to enjoy the Keswick Mountain Festival.

Nicola Meadley and our MD, David Overton, agree to share the latest map tech at Keswick Mountain Festival

At SplashMaps we’re looking forward to heading out for the Keswick Mountain Festival, where we’ll have a chance to meet all our friends, affiliates and awesome customers once more. We’re also looking forward to showcasing some of our newest products that are perfect for outdoor adventurers!

This festival will bring together people from across the outdoor industry. Come join us in celebrating being ‘out there’ at this great event!

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