John O’Groats to Landsend

Four of the Woggle JOGLE team with the UK SplashMap they follow

Scouting and NHS couple Phil and Jennie’s challenge with their own scouting offspring and Scout Explorers from Arrow district Scouts would impress any adventurer. The John O’Groats to Landsend (aka JOGLE) challenge can never be taken lightly. But with kids from 9 years old this couple are braver than most.

The WoggleJogle

Chris Howard, our long distance Ambassador salutes the Woggle JOGLE in his personalised SplashMap and dedicated JOGLE Woggle

Titling their fundraising expedition ‘The Woggle JOGLE‘, they’ll hike and ride the full distance over the school vacation, starting July 9th. Check their route and meet the team HERE.

John O’Groats to Landsend Map Partner

Who else? Of course, SplashMaps became the team’s map partner after our Ambassador, Chris Howard (The Coast Walker and hero of the 15 Marathons in 15 days challenge) connected us at the National Outdoor Expo in March 2023. ‘What they are doing is phenomenal’ explained Chris, himself a man who adventures every single day. ‘Not only are they stretching the limits of parenthood, they are raising funds for such important causes’.


Woggle JOGLE team and supporters outside the old hut

As a Scout Ambassador Chris recognises how pivotal the international Scouting movement is in so many lives. The Woggle JOGLE raises funds for an upgrade of their existing near 100 year old wooden hut to create a community climbing centre, extending the benefits of Scouting to everyone. Half the funds will go to Children in Need.

James, one of the Woggle JOGLErs marks up a 1/100th scale route around Chandler’s Ford

Business Support

Having donated maps (of course) to this cause, SplashMaps and the team found willing businesses in the local community eager to get behind the team. Official t-shirts and support for a 1/100th scale challenge in their home town, Chandler’s Ford, followed.

How and Why support the Woggle JOGLE?

If you value adventure, love being inspired and just want to see something extraordinary unfold over summer, look no further. Know that you are contributing to a noble cause and supporting adventure when you:-

  • Follow and support them on Social Media HERE
  • Donate to their fund raising page HERE
  • Ride the bike version and compete for a Test Valley SplashMap
  • Follow at least part of their 10 mile local challenge the ‘Mini Woggle JOGLE’ HERE
  • Meet them when they come closest to you HERE

PLUS: Those with SplashMaps will get £5 off their next Map if they share a picture of their map with @splashmaps #WoggleJOGLE tagged on HERE!

A warm welcome as the Woggle JOGLE team arrive at 4th Arrow District Scouts

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