Awesome Destinations

Awesome Destinations is our latest series of films! Since we began it’s been our purpose to make printed maps simple, desirable and accessible for everyone. That’s why we invented our Destination series of maps.

Property Maps

HW Conveyancing Searches bought 50 branded SplashMaps for key clients in 3 areas of Hampshire.

Hampshire Life Men in Business

What Makes SplashMaps Tick Why was I picked for the Hampshire Life Men in Business article in their glossy May 2021 magazine? Seems it’s because they’d seen some of the press around our e-Textile…

Divided or partnered?

For lovers of geography and maps, Tim Marshall’s book, ‘Divided’ (like all his others), is an inspiration. He brilliantly captues both the necessity and the futility of building ‘The Wall’ around so many countries’ borders. Now,…

I love my Ordnance Survey

Now that OS and international maps come in 10 fabric formats and multiple scales and styles, we want to give something back to those map designers and share the love of their mastery through ourcustom map maker.

Reward yourself

It’s our choice In the dark short days of winter it’s easy to be hard on yourself. Exercise can look more like a slog than a pleasure, friends are distant and life under restriction…

Associated with the outdoors!

Adventure’s bound to follow Do you associate Splashmaps with the outdoor? Then grab your boots, grab your weatherproofs and don’t forget your personalised SplashMap because adventure’s bound to follow!  But, in a drive to get more…