Make the most of your UK staycation

With so many travel disasters and an increasing need to make environmentally thoughtful decisions, it’s never been a better time for an adventure at home.

In the Lake District, map around your head

The UK is bursting with all sorts of places worth exploring – from buzzing metropolises like London and Manchester to quaint villages tucked away in the countryside – areas of outstanding natural beauty abound as perfect UK holiday destinations.

You really can have your cake and eat it too by staying close to home without sacrificing any excitement or adventure!

All Season Staycation

Staycation means freedom if you have the right maps

In order to help you make the most out of staycations in the UK this year, we’ve got maps, masks and toobs that help you get around, stay safe and get noticed. And why not try a dedicated resource like Last Minute Cottages to book your place? Whether you’re renting your own beach hut and walking along our dramatic coastline, or exploring the beautiful peak district, there’s a SplashMap for that – and if there isn’t… you can create your own!

Not your ordinary map

A fabric map gets people curious – it’s by no means a new innovation as during World War 2 “Escape and Evasion” maps were printed on cloth, but we’re pioneering a resurgence so be ready to get some attention!

A WW2 flight jacket being refurbished with a SplashMap

A map that’s on fabric (like ours) means you’re covered for anything mother nature can throw at you – it might be summertime but have you tried reading a paper map on the side of a mountain in a driving rainstorm?

And there’s no compromise on detail as SplashMaps are printed on the highest quality fabrics to the scale you need whether you’re on a day trip or a full on expedition.

We have maps of all the national parks of England, Scotland and Wales and beyond – when you create your own map there really are no limits to where your adventure can take you.

And if you’re able to go further afield this year (watch those travel rules) we have maps covering the USA and Europe too, for those able to enjoy a city break or rural retreat abroad.

Whether you’re a walker, runner or biker you’ve got everything you need in the most convenient map-package ever. We highlight the hiking trails, biking trails and rights of way so you know where to roam, and you can stuff the map in your pocket or wear it round your neck to keep the sun off.

Choose your original weatherproof SplashMaps of the National Parks in 

Or check out our NEW Double Layered & toggled headwear

We have ready-made maps of popular destinations from the Dorset’s rugged coastline (Jurassic coast) and the South Downs to the rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands. Snowdonia National Park, the Yorkshire Dales, the Lake District and the New Forest are all available with fast-delivery.

Make sure the whole family enjoys all the wonderful outdoor activities the UK has to offer on your next staycation.

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