City Masks, Headwear and Maps: How to Make the Most of City Breaks in 2021

Vibrant City SplashMaps Toob Masks are for those that want to be seen loving maps and staying safe

Summer 2021 – the biggest national staycation of our lives! And what would be better than making the most of some of the UK’s most vibrant cities?

As the country opens up more and more and we get the opportunity to explore, it’s important to do so in as safe a way as possible – so if you’re visiting a new city, it’s probably best to keep the mask on – or nearby at least – for a little while longer.

Let’s take a look at some of the UK’s highlights for top cities to visit this summer.


london-toob-mask-versatile headwear-maps
The Toob Mask of London are great masks, super guides and versatile headwear

We couldn’t start our list without mentioning London. London’s a city that’s always on the go, and with endless cultural and historical landmarks, there’s more than enough to keep you busy on a city break or longer staycation. London’s highlights include the River Thames, the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace.

London’s also a great destination if you want to experience some incredible views – the Shard is home to one of London’s most iconic skyscrapers that’ll take your breath away from up high! You can see for miles across the city with breathtaking sights like Big Ben in the distance.

Never be lost on the London underground, protect fellow passengers and keep warm as you visit this amazing city

It’s made the new’s that you’ll need to keep wearing a face covering if you’re using the London Underground or any Transport For London service, and we have the perfect mask for that with the London Underground Map Mask, or if you want to really stand out, choose the London Vibrant City Mask or Toob. The great thing about our Toob is that you can just wear it around your neck when you don’t need to cover your mouth and nose. And, thanks to its clever toggle and elasticated drawstring, it’s a perfect fit too.

My route via customers’ shops to get to Geomob (Traditional Geo Tech?)

If you don’t want to miss any of the famous landmarks, then the London Illustrated SplashMap is the one for you. Our beautiful satin tourist map of London in Dickensian style with modern 3d renders of key landmarks. A great scarf or pocket square and an amazing guide to the capital.


Cambridge is a city with an amazing university, superb museums and wonderful cafés.  It’s worth adding to your list of top UK destinations for this summer! Let’s take a look at some of the highlights that make Cambridge such an incredible place.

Our vibrant city Cambridge face mask loves the city & your fellow travellers

After checking out King’s College and King’s College Chapel you’ll meander over to Queens’ College and the Mathematical Bridge, before stopping by the Cambridge University Botanic Garden. And that’s just for starters. If you need a little help finding your way around, or want to have that face covering handy, we have Cambridge Vibrant City Masks and Toobs available now in store.

The Toob Mask has a drawstring and toggle to fit all faces


Heading further up north? Manchester truly is a vibrant city!  There’s always something going on. And Manchester is big on culture – celebrated as a centre for the arts, media, and higher education.

The Manchester SplashMaps Toob Mask is vibrant protection to find your way around this amazing city

One of the best ways to start to explore Manchester is to walk through Castlefield with the lovingly restored Victorian houses along the old canals or through the reconstructed Roman Fort. From there maybe you’ll head to the Science and Industry Museum or the Imperial War Museum North before taking in the beauty of Manchester Cathedral.

Wherever you head, you can protect yourself and those around you – and find your way – with the Vibrant City Manchester Toob.


If you’re lucky enough to be able to travel further afield then good for you! We also have a range of Vibrant City Maps, Masks and Toobs for our continental neighbours including:

The SplashMaps Toob Mask of Copenhagen







And if you really get the opportunity to spread your wings, the city that never sleeps – so good they named it twice – New York is the place to be.

SplashMaps’ New York Toob Mask is the brightest way to love this city safely and cosily

We take pride in creating products which are vibrant, unique and stylish to help you navigate your way around the cities of the UK, Europe or America.  There are plenty of options if you need something practical as a face covering like our Toobs and masks. So go ahead and explore the UK with an exciting city break this summer – all while showing off your sense of style along the way!

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