Expedition Leaders, Toff & Dr Alex do India

Expedition Leaders is Puran Bhardwaj’s company. Want to experience India on foot or wheels? He’s your man!

Georgia Toffolo & Dr Alex George raising funds for children with cancer

In October he contacted us for what, for most companies, would be a very unusual request.

Child Cancer Charity

“I have a group of special people raising money for a child cancer charity in the UK, can you make us some maps”. Of course the answer was yes, followed by delight that in fact his celebrity fundraisers could wear them and carry his brand and the charity’s, Teens Unite Against Cancer, around their necks.

Puran leading from the front and guided by his neck!

Georgia Toffolo & Dr Alex

Toff found the ungraded tracks tough to do. One piece of kit will certainly survive!

Among the celeb fundraisers were Georgia Toffolo (2017’s Queen of the Jungle) and Dr Alex George (of Love Island fame) who made this film of their challenge.

Toob featuring the route, the brands, the challenge and a title
SplashMaps’ India Cycle Challenge; made for Expedition leaders, worn by celebs

Design your team’s Toob now!

Why not make like Puran? Design your team’s Toob/ Map/ Towel right now! Start here.

First Celebs?

These are not the first celebs to get hold of bespoke and personalised SplashMaps. Did you check Dragon’s Den’s Sarah Willingham live response on the BBC?

Do you think Dragons now use this whenever they leave the house?

Cycling Challenge

Toff on firmer ground; About to be over-taken?

The +400km cycling challenge started in Delhi headed out to Jaipur and returned via Agra for those essential Taj Mahal moments. It’s not a standard scale, it’s a crazy idea (aren’t all charity fundraisers these days?) and most map makers would charge a fortune of give it a miss. Still, SplashMaps -with only 2 weeks to design and manufacture- managed to confine the sprawling journey onto the neat size of a highly wearable Toob and still find space for the challenge name plus logos and a schematic of the overall route. Happy customer? Ask him yourself at the Expedition leaders stand when you plan your adventure at the Adventure Travel Show and Destinations at Olympia London this month. He promises to wear it.

Anywhere, any scale, any challenge

The team celebrate completing the +400km Indian cycle challenge

There’s proof! Maps anywhere, any scale for any challenge. Only SplashMaps can do this. So please, share that you know us and suggest us for any challenge by land, sea or anything in between!

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