NEW Ethical Map Tablecloth

From 8 recycled PET bottles!

Making a tablecloth of your place in under 1 minute
Ordnance Survey Personalised Tablecloths are just one of the many custom map formats you can create using our map maker. Simply choose the place you want, select one of the tablecloth formats and give a title if you wish. Simple!

Ethical Map Tablecloth

We’re delighted to announce our New Ethical Map Tablecloths. It’s great to gather around and plan or look back on outdoor adventures? Now you can do that in any company with the ultimate ice breaker, a Map Tablecloth.

Ours are printed on our latest and most ethical SplashTex fabric. This fabric meets the Global Recycle Standard and each is made from 8 recycled PET bottles!

The SplashMaps personalised map Tablecloths are popular for Christmas and gift shoppers

Carbon Footprint is super low

Each bottle is post-consumer – that means it’s been used by consumers rather than being created from industrial waste – and each is collected from inside the EU. In fact the full recycle and manufacture happens inside the EU, minimizing shipping distances so that the carbon footprint is super low.

Supersized SplashMap as a Lake District Tablecloth

Non-waste digital printing

We also use a non-waste digital printing process meaning there are no further wasteful capture and treatment processes needed in manufacture.

Tailor your map tablecloth

With a choice of square, rectangular wide and long options, there is one that will fit your table. And if it’s outside that? That’s what our bespoke service is for.

Buying an Ethical Map Tablecloth

Buying an Ethical Map Tablecloth of your favourite place -anywhere in the world – couldn’t be easier. Simply follow the link here, tap in where you want the map to be and select the size you want. This automatically selects our recycled SplashTex fabric and zooms the map to your desired dimensions!

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