Coast to Coast Wales 2020

A few weeks ago, I announced SplashMaps’ big Mountain Bike challenge for 2020. This time, rather than being the Dennis Waterman of the team (you know; choose the route, plan the route, sing the route-tune…) as for our previous walking challenges, I left it to local eMTB fanatic, Jerry. Actually, I don’t think I had much choice when planning Coast to Coast Wales 2020.

An MTB visit to Wales with a difference… This time 7 trail centres on a 5 day mission

Amish bike riders and eBikes

“David,” he began one day in cold December, “…our challenge will test the theory that Amish bike riders and eBikes can ride together on a super-long distance trail”. For those unfamiliar with the term, “Amish” is how he refers to bikes that are 100% dependant on pedals, muscles and whatever you had for breakfast.  It’s only as offensive to MTB riders as “mobility scooter” is to eBikers 😊.

I’ve bought the maps

Planning some training – The usual way: Pen, string and fabric map

And so, the challenge developed. “It’s coast to coast in Wales” he said at the Christmas do. “I’ll be booking places to stay in Feb” he announced on Boxing day. On New Year’s day, “Right I’ve booked the first room for 4 who’s in?”. It’s certainly a relentless approach he’d adopted, but we all responded well from the side-lines of the WhatsApp group he’d set-up and reached for our credit cards. “I’ve bought the maps” he announced before I’d even drawn a breath. Ah!

Mountain Bike Weekly

Max on the 800 mile Great North Trail last year

Now on this last point I may have been offended, had he not purchased the maps specifically for the route created by Max Darkins (previously of MBR and now of  Rough Rides). Not only was Max the first to ride the 800 mile off-road Great North Trail last September, but he was one of the first to road test SplashMaps back in 2013 for Mountain Bike Weekly. What he doesn’t know about riding long distance trails just isn’t worth knowing.

Into partnership

So, I’m pleased to report that – after a brief call while writing this blog- Max and I are going into partnership and SplashMaps’ Rough Ride Wales Coast to Coast  Pro Weatherpoof fabric maps are available NOW on pre-order for this epic +200 mile route.

Join us on the Hampshire trails and South Downs as we train

In full-swing

Training is, of course, in full-swing. With Sargent-Major Jerry to the front our Posse all share trails on Strava in our Hampshire training ground. Look for David Overton on Strava and join us! Our kit, the route, our regime and our plan will all be a part of future posts, so please, give us the benefit of your wisdom here, or simply read and learn with us 😊.

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