From your Doorstep

Exercise during lockdown

‘We’re all in this together’, we were told by politicians and advisors as the restrictions bit. But exercise confined to ventures from your doorstep is something our community embraces. After all, don’t mappy types always see the bigger picture?

Each episode

To help you make the most of local trail finding, check out our ‘From your Doorstep’ series on the YouTube channel (not subscribed yet?). Each week we will release a new video with helpful advice on how you can create the perfect explore in your exercise time. Here’s the latest one…

Episode 7: Beating the Brown

Winter is tough and the mud makes it tougher! Beating the brown gives you 3 top tips on how to plan to avoid the brown stuff, but still get some great trail miles done all through the year.

Episode 6: Prepare to be lost

6: Our 5 Top Tips on finding new trails & embracing the unknown

Episode 6: Our 5 top tips are aimed at getting you curious about unexplored trails near your home. Let’s pick an area with lots of walking and riding trails and prepare to be lost! Should you always follow the signs? Or put more trust in your senses and a good map? Learn how to find new explores and unlock the mystery of a new trail. Keep track of your progress on a well-prepared bike and learn to read the signs for a confident local venture.

Episode 5: Commuting by Track and Trail

5: Our 5 Top Tips on planning your cycling commute into the city

Episode 5: Commuting by Track and trail gives you 5 top tips that will quash the fear of commuting by bike. By following our tips on varying your route, claiming your cycleway, recording your successes (but not obsessively), maintaining physical distance and making cycling your lifestyle choice, cycling will soon become a great habit we’ll all benefit from!

Episode 4: Meeting mid way

4: Our 5 steps to meeting distant friends mid way & being thoughtful to your fellow trail lovers

Episode 4: Meeting midway is about visiting more distant friends safely. We get social again, planning to meet-up & picnic in unfamiliar territory. Our two brothers travel by bike to meet for the first time since lock-down. The 5 steps cover the new trail etiquet, navigation and planning plus dealing with navigation issues as you attempt to rendezvous in a place you never visited before.

Episode 3: Staying Connected

3: Our 5 steps to staying connected with your buddies while going solo

Episode 3: Staying connected is about maintaining that camaraderie with your venture buddies when you are doing a lot more solo rides, walks and runs. We walk you through the apps, maps and chats that’ll help you love and extend that connection you have with those that love your sport or hobby.

Episode 2: To the South Downs Together

2: Our 5 top tips on perfect rides to share with others from home

Episode 2: To the South Downs Together, gives our 5 top tips on rides made with others from your household. Filmed while following a 20-mile circular route ideal for those living within 3 miles of Eastleigh, Winchester, Alresford or Oswelbury in Hampshire, we cover the 5 simple techniques for perfect inclusive rides from your doorstep.

Episode 1: To the Test

1: An example from The Test valley, a perfect 50km circular off-road ride, use of pens to plan

Episode 1: To the Test, is about planning and preparing for a 50km off-road circular for mountain and gravel bikes. We use the destination map, “The Test Valley“, for a perfect route from any front door within 3 miles of Romsey, Chandler’s Ford, Winchester or Stockbridge, Hampshire. The 3-minute film includes kit list, navigation and planning advice that applies to any area of the country. Current conditions and a trail by trail description of the route and landscapes help you make the most of this beautiful route!

Helping you through lockdown

These short (3 mins max) videos offer respite from your confinement and encourage you out safely. We include kit advice and planning tips. Each film is from an area covered by our destination series maps and held in stock here.

2 more things SplashMaps does to help

White facemask highlighting the pleated design

We’ve switched some manufacture to make masks!

SplashMaps have stepped-up by switching some of our usual manufacturing capacity to help with the country’s immediate need for masks. While pulling your Toob up over your face is great on the trails, Masks are increasingly used as a way to show consideration for others.

We hold stock that covers your area

A destinantion SplashMap begin used for planning

For ventures from your doorstep it’s highly likely we can dispatch a map of your area within 24 hours. Our destination maps cover over 80% of the population in Great Britain. Personalised maps cover everyone else!

Physical distancing

Remember when you’re out there cycling, running and walking you are representing a community of fellow enthusiasts. Please observe the advice on physical distancing and be mindful to those in your slip-stream.

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