Innovative ways to immerse my readers

As an author, I am constantly seeking innovative ways to immerse my readers in the worlds I create. SplashMaps has proven to be an exceptional tool in achieving this. I have now partnered with them twice to produce custom maps of the key areas in my stories, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Steve with the map he created on our Map Maker, uploading his own aerial view

Most recently, SplashMaps crafted a stunning map of St Kitts in the Caribbean, complete with the title of my book prominently displayed along the top. The attention to detail and the quality of the map were outstanding. Additionally, they included a smaller, inset map of a significant conflict area in the top right corner, which was an impressive touch that added depth and context to the main map.

Steve has authored a range of action novels based upon his own military experiences. Find Steve’s full range of books here.

The craftsmanship of SplashMaps is unparalleled. The fabric maps are not only visually striking but also durable and practical, making them a fantastic keepsake for my readers. The team at SplashMaps was professional and attentive, ensuring that every detail met my specifications.

Steve Barker’s St Kitts map on our standard Pro weatherproof fabric, now a military standard

For any author or anyone looking for a unique promotional product, I wholeheartedly recommend SplashMaps. Their maps not only enhance the reader’s experience but also serve as a beautiful, tangible connection to the story. SplashMaps has undoubtedly elevated my book marketing strategy, and I eagerly look forward to the possibility of collaborating with them again in the future.

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