Creating Your Perfect Summer Vacation Maps

The perfect ‘survive everything, go anywhere’ summer vacation maps

Summer is so close… apparently 💦. But whatever the weather, exploration, and making unforgettable memories is what summer is all about. Whether you’re hiking the rugged trails of a national park, navigating your local countryside, or embarking on an epic road trip, having the right summer vacation maps makes all the difference. This summer, upgrade your adventure kit with a SplashMap, the durable, versatile, and customisable fabric maps tailored to your outdoor experiences. Here’s why a SplashMap is the ultimate companion for your summer vacation.

Make your coastal maps from SplashMaps using our unique map maker.

Tailored to Your Adventure

This summer SplashMaps are more customisable then ever before. Imagine having a map that’s perfectly suited to your longest day’s hike. Now, you can create a map wide enough to cover the greatest distance you’ll trek in a single day. Whether you’re planning a 42 kilometre hike along an ancient Roman road or a 10 kilometre paddle around the coast, your SplashMap will be your reliable guide, tailored precisely to your needs.

Explore Vast Areas Anywhere in the World

A personalised SplashMap offers huge coverage on a 2oz map, allowing you to map out areas up to 1200 square kilometers anywhere in the world. From the dense forests of North America to the picturesque coastlines of Europe, your SplashMap can encompass vast landscapes, ensuring you never lose your way. Our maps bring the world to your fingertips, making global exploration more accessible than ever.

Premium Mapping Content

Hannover, USA Towel Map from SplashMaps

For adventurers in the UK and the USA, SplashMaps provide the best in cartographic accuracy with Ordnance Survey and USGS maps. These trusted sources ensure that your maps are detailed, and precise, helping you navigate even the most challenging terrains with confidence.

Summer Vacation Maps Personalisation Options

Scout Maps are often bought in bulk by parents, exec committees and leaders

Your adventures are unique, and so should be your map. SplashMaps offer a range of personalisation options to make your map truly yours. Add your own title to commemorate a special trip, or incorporate branding for your hiking group or company. This level of customisation turns your SplashMap into a cherished keepsake, capturing the spirit of your journey.

Built to Withstand the Elements

No matter where your adventures take you, a SplashMap is designed to survive the toughest conditions. These maps are weatherproof and durable, making them perfect for both land and water activities. Rain, mud, spills, and even the rough handling of outdoor excursions are no match for the resilience of a SplashMap.

Versatile Formats for Endless Uses

A Cornwall map tablecloth from SplashMaps is the ideal way to plan and coordinate tomorrow’s plans.

SplashMaps aren’t just maps; they’re versatile tools for your travels. Available in formats like towels and tablecloths, they serve multiple purposes beyond navigation. Spread out your SplashMap tablecloth for a dinner time planning session, or dry off after a swim with a SplashMap towel. The possibilities are endless, adding functionality and fun to your vacation gear.

Make This Summer Unforgettable with SplashMaps

Nearing the end of the Clarendon Way, a fabulous summer challenge

As you plan your summer adventures, consider the unparalleled benefits of a SplashMap. Its customisability, extensive coverage, detailed mapping, personalisation options, durability, and versatile formats make it an essential companion for any traveler.

Ready to embark on your next great adventure? Visit SplashMaps to design your perfect map and get ready to explore the world like never before. This summer, let your SplashMap guide you to new heights and unforgettable experiences.

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