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Vibrant City Berlin Toggle Toob


SplashMaps versatile headwear Toob Mask of Berlin.

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The Vibrant City Berlin Toob Mask is designed for urban adventures.

Designed for the adventurous the SplashMaps Berlin Toob Mask headwear is light and versatile with a soft internal mesh, creating a comfortable double layer. Kind to your nose and warming to your neck, the eye-catching design suits everyone. And, thanks to its clever toggle and elasticated drawstring, it’s a perfect fit too.

  • Versatile headwear
  • Easily adjusted
  • Adventure ready


  • Map Style = Vibrant City style
  • Map Source = OpenStreetMap
  • Fabric = Polyester Spandex (Iris) and polyester webbing

Major Settlements & features:

Berlin, Brandenburg Gate, Humbolt University, Steppengarten, Bundestag, Hauptbahnhof, Mitte, Fischerinsel, Spandauer Vorstadt, Potsdamer Platz


Toob Mask 50 x 36 cm

Additional information

Dimensions 36 × 50 cm


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