Vibrant City Map range

Map makers, SplashMaps’ series of unique scarves and masks are inspired by your favourite cities.

Vibrant City Masks – essentially stylish

SplashMaps’ double layered masks are for anyone who embraces the city, hates being lost and loves being seen. Rise above drab or disposable and become part of the scene in your city’s shops, eateries and transport, in a mask with comfortable cotton inner layer, ear hoops and chin contouring.

• Double layer design
• A map you can trust to explore with
• Quality and comfort
• Washable, reusable & kind to the environment

Vibrant City Toob Masks – for the urban adventurer

Designed for the adventurous, this light, versatile headwear has a soft internal mesh, creating a comfortable double layer. Kind to your nose and warming to your neck, the eye-catching design suits everyone. And, thanks to its clever toggle and elasticated drawstring, it’s a perfect fit too.
• Versatile headwear
• Easily adjusted
• Adventure ready

Vibrant City Scarves – own that elegance

Our satin fabric is silk-like to the touch and extravagant in size. At 90 x 90cm and in these colours it is an elegant statement scarf. Own the city you love or share the places you treasure.
• Ladies scarf format
• Vibrant city detail
• Formal and informal talking point

Vibrant city Toobs and Maps are also available. Please read the product descriptions carefully.

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  • london-map-mask

    Polyester-Cotton London Map face mask

  • london-underground-splashmaps-toob

    London Underground Map lens cloth from SplashMaps

  • vibrant-city-splashmaps-cambridge-face-mask

    Polyester-Cotton Cambridge face mask

  • vibrant-city-london-map-lens-cloth-splashmaps

    Vibrant London Map lens cloth from SplashMaps

  • manchester-splashmaps-toob-mask

    Vibrant City Manchester Map Toggle Toob

  • london-toob-mask-splashmaps

    Vibrant City London Toggle Toob

  • new-york-splashmaps-toob-mask

    New York Map Toggle Toob from SplashMaps

  • vibrant-city-cambridge-toob-mask

    Vibrant City Cambridge Toggle Toob

  • copenhagen-toob-mask-splashmaps

    Vibrant City Copenhagen Toggle Toob

  • stockholm-toob-mask-splashmaps

    Vibrant City Stockholm Toggle Toob

  • berlin-toob-mask-splashmaps

    Vibrant City Berlin Toggle Toob

  • oslo-splashmaps-toob-mask

    Vibrant City Oslo Toggle Toob

  • munich-splashmap-toob

    Munich SplashMap Toob

  • vibrant-city-scarf-munich

    Vibrant City Munich Scarf

  • munich-splashmap-vibrant-style

    Munich SplashMap