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Northumberland (North)

Northumberland Map North SplashMap


The northern section of the beautiful Northumberland National Park.

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The Northumberland Map North SplashMap covers the  northern section of the Northumberland National Park and is available in our fabulous map style! This weatherproof fabric map is designed for outdoor adventures and features contours, the OS national grid, walking and riding trails, clearly designated and numbered roads and water bodies. Our signature pub, car park, church and camping symbols make navigating to your start and end points a doddle.


Major Features and Settlements: Lempitlaw, Town Yetholm, Linton, Morebattle, Harden Edge, Silhope Law, Netherton, Chubden, Ingram, Wooler, Doddington, Millfiled,  Hedgehope Hill, The Cheviot, Scald Hill, Langlee Crags, Yeavering Bell, Newton Tors, Coldburn Hill, Ritto Hill, Lint Lands, Pennine Way, high Knowes, Blackchester Hill, Cochrane Pike, Bloodybush Head, Roseden, Yellington, Ingram, Brandon, Nova Scotia, Thirl Moor, Deel’s Hill, Hindhope Law, Raeshaw Fell, Kielhope Law, Craik Moor, The Kip, Hownam Law, KirkYetholm, Castle Law, Catch-a-Penny, Shotton Hill, Green Humbleton

Northumberland (North)

National Grid Coordinates (Easting, Northing / Grid Reference):
Lower-left – 377000, 607000 / NT770070
Upper-right – 404600, 634600 / NU046346

Dimensions on map:
27.6km x 27.6km
Size of product (including borders):
72cm x 72cm (approximately)

Additional information

Dimensions 72 × 72 cm
Map Scale



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