North York Moors SplashMap


North York Moors SplashMap

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20130621 NYMoors

Product Description

Our North Your Moors SplashMap is on weatherproof fabric and designed for the REAL outdoors.  The dramatic North York Moors stretch-out to the North Sea at Whitby in the north east of the map from Wether Cote and Gillamore in the south west.


Major Settlements:
Whitby, Rosedale Abbey, Spouton Moor, Commondale, Cropton Forest, Newton on Rawcliffe


National Grid Coordinates (Easting, Northing / Grid Reference):
Lower-left – 464000, 487000
Upper-right -491600, 514600

Dimensions on map:
27.6km x 27.6km
Size of product (including borders):
72cm x 72cm (approximately)


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Dimensions 72 × 72 cm
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