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SplashMaps Design Service – Down payment


Want a different scale, size or map coverage area outside UK or US?  Maybe add some special features, your route, a logo, a title or message? The SplashMap Design Service gives you exactly the maps you need.


Ideal for exploring somewhere new and as practical souvenirs for events, wedding parties, expeditions etc custom made maps from our Design Service are great value for groups and events too.

This option means you can add your route as captured on most popular formats (e.g. GPX downloaded from Strava, or Way points provided in a digital file)

This option allows our designer to manually include your additional content such as sponsor logos and manually positioned way points to the map. You will need to provide a description with the order or phone your requirements.

To be paid once a proposal meeting your brief has been made. The designer will have indicated if this is simple (a single image based upon a map design we are already licensed for) or complex (perhaps a new licensed data set is needed or the map is divided into multiple zones for example).

Order 3 and we'll charge you for 2!


L'Eroica Britannia- The toughest map for the handsomest race

L’Eroica Britannia- The toughest map for the handsomest race

Want to have a dedicated map outside the Map Maker area or at a different scale?

Pay a deposit for the SplashMap design service

  1. Give us your design brief by completing the below

    Map Design

    To get started with SplashMaps Design Service, please complete this form to give us an outline of your needs. Your initial information at the order stage is the basis for a more in-depth Design Brief conversation with our designer. See below for further info on process.

    Format: Choose from the below(Required)
    Indicate which of these extras needs including

  2. The deposit allows our designer to schedule the work and contact you to expand upon the brief.
  3. If you have files related to Additional items, please upload these at the Check out stage, or mail links separately referencing your order number.
  4. We will research the design and respond with a proposal and final price.
  5. You then pay the remainder via this page.
  6. If we cannot achieve the brief the deposit can be refunded.
  7. We’ll finish the design for your approval. A further iteration is included if changes are needed.
  8.  Contact us if you’d like to make your unique product available for others to buy.
  9. Order as many of your unique map products as you’d like HERE.Splashmaps_ESRI_ver29_27x27_LEroica_v3 [Converted]

Different Scale, Size or Style?  Considering a global style for all your stores/ fans/ friends? Contact us, we can do it. It may take a little more design time or cost a little more in license.






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