Bespoke custom scale map SplashMap service


Bespoke SplashMap Design service allows you to adapt the maps in our Personalised Map service

This option means you can add your route as captured on most popular formats (e.g. GPX downloaded from Strava, or Way points provided in a digital file)

This option allows our designer to manually add your non geo-referenced content such as sponsor logos and manually positioned way points to the map. You will need to provide a description with the order or phone your requirements.

Order 3 and we'll charge you for 2!


L'Eroica Britannia- The toughest map for the handsomest race

L’Eroica Britannia- The toughest map for the handsomest race

Want to have a dedicated map, but not at our Map Maker scales?  We offer the simplest bespoke map design service in the whole world!

  1. Pay for the Bespoke SplashMap service
  2. Give us the details of area you want to cover and major areas you need on the map
  3. Additional: Send us your logo – if you want one – and let us know where to place it on the map by adding this to the notes section or contacting us – make sure to mention your order number.
  4. Additional: Send us your GPX or other electronic file of the route or points of interest you want on the map
  5. We’ll finish the design and create a product!
  6. Should you want to share this unique design, the product could go on-line within 4 days of your order.  Contact us if you need it quicker!
  7. Should you wish, we will treat your location and design as entirely confidential.
  8. You can order as many or as few as you like!Splashmaps_ESRI_ver29_27x27_LEroica_v3 [Converted]

Need a different style, scale or size?

Size not a problem.  Bigger? We can blow it up.  Smaller? Let us know which section of the map you’re after.  Size matters and will effect price.

Different Scale, Size or Style?  Considering a global style for all your stores/ fans/ friends? Contact us, we can do it. It may take a little more design time or cost a little more in license.






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