Running Map - SplashMaps Custom Fabric Maps

What makes the ideal running map?

If you’re a runner, then you know choosing a running map for those longer distances can be tricky.


You have to rely on the battery life of your phone or risk getting lost in unfamiliar territory without any way to find your way back. And carrying around a paper map is pretty inconvenient.

The perfect running map

That’s why we recommend SplashMaps for the perfect running map – lightweight fabric maps that are easy to carry but big enough for all your running routes. They come in different shapes and sizes so they fit every runner’s needs; whether you want one large map for perfect route planning or a toob you can wear around your neck or head for convenience, our fabric running maps can guide you as you explore a new location or train for an ultra-marathon. SplashMaps are perfect for wiping away sweat while you run, or you can wear the toob as a headband.

Choose from our predefined locations including every National Park in the UK, or create your own based on your location.

Easy to use and durable
Lightweight fabric is comfortable to hold or wear
Washable – no need to worry about spills or muddy puddles
No need for batteries or internet access – rely only on this map
Run without the distraction of your phone
Get your own custom map to run wherever you are
Made from high quality fabric that is lightweight, comfortable, and easy-to-wash
Share your custom map design with other runners