Stage 1 A&B

Le Tour du Nord 2014: Stage 1 Sections A&B


Le Tour du Nord Map Stage 1 (A&B) covers the Leeds start point for the historic 2014 Tour de France UK section

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IMG_8406The first half of Stage 1 of the Grand Depart in fabulous detail in Le Tour Du Nord Stage 1 A&B SplashMap

Le Tour du Nord SplashMap

The Tour de France 2014 is coming to the North!  We’re celebrating with a special edition series of 4 maps covering the whole of stages 1 & 2 as they cross between our fabulous National Parks, the Yorkshire Dales and Peak District.

The Maps provide an invaluable guide to all the events and are specifically designed to ride with you to the tour via the cycle & bridleway network.  They’ll get you to the best vantage & celebration points as well as let you follow in the treads of your heroes for years to come. We’ve worked with Steer Davies Gleave, experts in transport for sporting events, to make this the most effective congestion busing map ever created. 


·         Unparalleled detail and coverage       -our 72 x 72cm map contains two sections of each stage to get a full 69 kilometer  distance on each map yet keeps the highly detailed mapping you need either side of the Tour.

·         Unbiased points of interest                 – our experts have highlighted points of interest that are of use to YOU, not just those that have been paid for through advertising!

·         Practical print on practical material     – our maps are on a weatherproof wearable fabric. They’ll be on hand when you need, don’t need folding, shrug-off any kind of weather and make cool headgear too.

·         Uncluttered, no nonsense cartography           -our maps are not overburdened with Sponsorship logos and other nonsense.  It’s all designed around helping you.

Not only will it guide you around the course, but makes an excellent souvenir of the occasion and of course it has all the wonderful properties of the original SplashMaps;  waterproof, tearproof, breathable, washable, very wearable and able to be scrunched up for easy storage.


Major Settlements and Features for Stage 1 sections A&B:  Leeds to Kidstones
En route: Starting Point, Leeds, Harewood House, Otley, Ilkley, Addingham, Skipton, Kilnsey, Buckden, Kidstones.

Pres de: Shipley, Keighley, Oxenhope, Silsden

Tour du Nord Stage 1, section B

The first half of Stage 1 comes in two sections.

The first half of Stage 1 comes in two sections, A & B.

Dimensions on map:
2 x strips x 34.5km x 17.25km
Size of product (including borders):
72cm x 72cm (approximately)



Stage 1 A&B SplashMap area coverage

Stage 1 A&B SplashMap area coverage

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