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Dartmoor SplashMap

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A Washable, Wearable Waterproof map of Dartmoor designed for the REAL outdoors.

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Our larger size Dartmoor SplashMap covers the entire park at a scale of 1:40 000. Visit the Tors and the ancient stone monuments in this wild country. And get yourself from A to B using some of the clearest cartography you’ve ever seen. Our map is printed onto a waterproof fabric. It can be worn as a scarf or stuffed in a pocket. There’s no need to carefully fold. The content of our Dartmoor map includes highlighted bridle ways and by ways. It’s ideally suited for two feet, two wheels or 4 hooves.


Major Settlements:
Okehampton, Chagford, Buckfastleigh, Ivybridge, Tavistock, Totnes, Plympton

Dartmoor All - Coverage

National Grid Coordinates (Easting, Northing / Grid Reference):
Lower-left – 245000, 55000 /
Upper-right – 286000, 96000 /

Dimensions on map:
41km x 41km
Size of product (including borders):
103 x 103cm (approximately)

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Dimensions 103 x 103 cm